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How Automated Scheduling Can Help Your Business

David Pagotto
By David Pagotto
23 September, 2022

Manual scheduling costs time and money. With automated scheduling, however, your business can benefit in many ways. Read on to learn more


Doing the same daily tasks like sending routine emails, scheduling appointments, posting on social media, or data entry becomes rote, boring, and tedious quickly.

Why? Besides being mundane, these tasks increase as business operations scale. That means they can quickly reduce business efficiency.

Manual operations could cost your business time and more money than you hope to save down the line. That’s due to errors and inefficiencies that come with manual operations. According to a report by SnapLogic, disconnected data caused by human errors cost organizations in the US and UK nearly $140 billion annually.

Whether you run a small business or an enterprise, the merits of an automated schedule are clear as day. Along with optimizing your work processes, automated scheduling gives room for growth and innovation in other spheres of your business.

This article will discuss the basics of automated scheduling and how it benefits your business.

What is Automated Scheduling? 

Automated or automatic scheduling is a tech-based approach to workflows in your business. Through artificial intelligence, automated scheduling can help you create an optimal schedule for your staff, eliminating monotony, paper-based processes, and slow decisions for increased workplace efficiency.

In most cases, automated scheduling tasks usually go beyond processing hard copies into PDFs and updating your ledgers automatically. Scheduling software can automate, adjust, and handle high-capacity scheduling requests, including scheduling social media posts, creating employee schedules, tracking expenses, balancing workloads, and setting appointments.

Scheduling tasks as a business owner gives your employees the bandwidth to perform effectively and manage resources efficiently. 


An employee scheduling software solution can select the best candidate for a work shift based on that employee’s past performance and qualifications. That eliminates guesswork, saving you time and effort. 

Do you have a recurring appointment every week? Or email sequence to roll out? Email and calendar automation are other monotonous tasks you could automate in your business. That can help you cut down on labor costs.

With email marketing tools, you can send an automatic email sequence at specific times to specific contacts. You may also sync your Google calendar with your email to remind you of upcoming meetings. Syncing your emails with Google calendar allows you to track emails efficiently and receive email reminders when you book meetings. 

How Does Automated Scheduling Work?

Consider it this way: automated scheduling is artificial intelligence at work for a company that relies on shift work. The AI creates an optimal schedule based on your initial set of rules.

You'll quickly understand how scheduling workflows work if you audit daily processes from beginning to end. 

Ask yourself, what tasks —

  • are monotonous?
  • require laser focus?
  • need spot-on accuracy?
  • are rote or take more time and human effort?

Those are the processes you need to automate. Many business software such as marketing automation, employee portals, ATS recruitment apps, calendar, and social media apps have built-in automation for specific processes.

Thus, in the case of employee scheduling software, all you need to do is set suitable parameters. Artificial intelligence then considers those data variables when creating employees' schedules. 

However, processes requiring a high level of personalization, like B2B email writing or a deep understanding of the brand’s values and personality, like terminology management should be done manually. ​​​​​​​

4 Benefits of Automated Scheduling

An automatic scheduling solution helps you perform the same amount of work in less time. Whether you need to schedule meetings or accelerate your sales pipeline, automated scheduling software solutions like TIMIFY simplify the process to make your entire workflow flexible. 


If you're wondering, here are four ways automated scheduling benefits you. 

1. Saves You Time

Juggling tasks can be overwhelming and cause you to underperform in other facets of your business. But automated schedules save you time to focus on other tasks. 

Automated scheduling also makes it easier for people to schedule meetings with you by eliminating back-and-forth emails. By organizing employee tasks with employee scheduling apps, you give your staff ample time to perform other demanding jobs. 

These advanced scheduling tools help with scheduling flexibility by integrating with Google calendar, project management apps, and video meeting services to help you schedule unlimited group meetings and get more projects done in less time.

Now you can line up an entire workflow to align with employees’ availability, thus reducing workplace friction.

2. Increases Your Profit Margin

Every opportunity to reduce the time spent on tasks is another to increase profits. While extreme cost-saving measures are not bad, they could affect work efficiency. However, automated scheduling only cuts down and controls unnecessary costs to maximize revenue. 

Use scheduling apps to create an automatic shift schedule for workers to reduce burnout and maximize sales. In the long run, you can improve profitability by focusing on other activities that would increase revenue and enhance the customer service experience.

Scheduling algorithms are a critical component of scheduling software. They help you efficiently manage resources for your business to yield high-profit margins.

Businesses can also increase profit margin through inbound scheduling automation. By scheduling the process of attracting, booking, and following up with prospects interested in a demo, you can put the communication heavy-lifting on autopilot. That increases your speed to lead acquisition and generation in your sales pipeline. 

3. Helps in Strategic Planning

Advanced scheduling tools give your company the framework needed to assess the situation and maintain an edge over the competition. So, while putting projects together, you can be strategic. 

For example, you can schedule a training calendar for staff members to cross-train in other departments or tasks. Then, set it up, so they receive email reminders at the most opportune time.

Auto-scheduling also helps when you need to plan projects and meetings days or weeks ahead with your team. 

With this feature in your scheduling software app, you can plan and take critical steps to ensure your projects remain on track to meeting their goals. 

4. Enables Smooth Tracking

Automated workflows provide your business with reports you can audit for performance. The metrics to track depend on the processes you’re automating. It could be your social media post performance — if you’ve automated posts to go out at specific times to build your brand using social media or the number of meetings scheduled in a month.

By tracking daily work processes, they become more manageable, allowing you to be accountable. If a strategy doesn’t work based on your monitoring, you can quickly pivot to achieve the results you were looking for in the first place. 

You and your employees can quickly identify and amend gaps or deviations in your work processes, positively impacting work performance in the process.​​​​​​​

In Closing

Automated scheduling is something businesses should no longer ignore. It not only saves you time but also eases your stress. 

With the right automation software, your workload is reduced, and you can focus on other equally important aspects of your business to increase your profit margin. You can also ensure strategic planning and smooth tracking of processes.

With scheduling software, you can ensure your business processes are optimized, and your business as a whole remains on track to achieving its set goals.

David Pagotto

About the author

David Pagotto

David Pagotto is the Founder and Managing Director of SIXGUN, a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne. He has been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years, helping organizations get more customers, more reach, and more impact.

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