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How TIMIFY helps financial institutions manage appointment booking to comply with social distancing

26 May, 2020

Finance firms will need to manage the flow of clients into branches by appointment, while considering the feasibility of shifting some advisory services to online video conferences.


Finance firms will need to manage the flow of clients into branches by appointment, while considering the feasibility of shifting some advisory services to online video conferences.

For some services, and for some clients, a visit to a branch to speak with an expert face-to-face will be the only option and therefore online appointment booking will be crucial.

Likewise, drop-in visits will continue and extra demand will need to be controlled as de-escalation continues.

For clients who do want video conferencing – and there will be more with quarantine shifting norms around online video calls – TIMIFY helps manage set-up and scheduling of video appointments, as well as the strain of extra demand on staff diaries.

Our Enterprise Solution delivers a range of advanced features tailored to the unique demands on large organisations and will play a crucial role in managing this period and beyond.

Below we outline how TIMIFY could be used to bring structure, efficiency and convenience to how customers reconnect with your business.

TIMIFY for appointment booking and managing footfall

  • To manage drop-in clients and avoid queues, introduce online booking for designated time slots. For a one-hour time slot, set a maximum number of 10 bookings. Now only 10 clients would be able to drop-in and wait each hour
  • Manage all customer visits in our digital schedule. If contact tracing is required, you can easily view every client’s visit history and who served them 
  • Activate a fully digital appointment booking service, controlling all aspects of appointment management online
  • Create different booking links for each different service type, allowing clients to search directly for the most convenient appointment in the department they need
  • Auto-assign duration times for different types of appointment (fact find, advice session etc.) which will be auto blocked in the calendar when booked by a client
  • Auto-assign buffer times before and after appointments. This won’t be visible to clients, but spaces out bookings to allow for cleaning and minimise client crossover
  • Assign resources for certain booking types, like staff members or equipment needed for each service. They will be auto-booked every time a client books that service
  • Promote new booking services in multiple communications channels such as Facebook, corporate website, newsletters and QR codes displayed in branches, flyers and email signatures.
  • For multiple branches, give customers the option to book their chosen branch or location

TIMIFY alternative to on-site appointments: Video Consultations

  • Consider where consultation services switched to video conferencing during lockdown could be maintained long-term for clients who prefer them
  • Some clients may prefer a video conference from home, where they have access to documentation and can include partners who can’t make a branch appointment
  • TIMIFY takes care of all online booking, scheduling and set up of the video conferencing
  • TIMIFY Video Apps allows the integration with GoToMeeting and Zoom (coming soon).

Why TIMIFY Enterprise

  • Dedicated account manager to help on-boarding for corporations working across multiple locations, time zones and IT infrastructure
  • White labelling options for customer-facing interfaces
  • Multi-language and time zone booking options
  • Customise booking forms, widgets, communications and video services
  • High grade security options to protect customer data, schedules, video conferences and more
  • Access to TIMIFY's Branch Manager: manage a network of branches and locations from a centralised dashboard.

To find out more, book a consultation with one of our team for a detailed overview of how TIMIFY can be used to be compliant while maintaining a high quality customer experience.

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