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Effective time management on a company level

13 November, 2020

The internet is filled with lists and articles for increasing productivity and improving your time management skills. While great for personal improvement, they rarely teach you how to scale this for an entire business.


The internet is filled with lists and articles for increasing productivity and improving your time management skills. While great for personal improvement, they rarely teach you how to scale this for an entire business.

No matter your company, sector or industry, TIMIFY can help your workforce better manage its time, automate repetitive tasks and keep your calendar free, allowing your team to focus on the work that matters.

Here are five examples from different industries, showing that no matter your field, TIMIFY can be customised for your business and improve your workflow.

Online bookings for the service industry

Many companies in the service industry rely on scheduling and appointments. TIMIFY provides convenient ways for customers to book appointments online and automates tasks for your front office.

Let’s take a look at how a wellness spa can overhaul their business with TIMIFY.

The biggest change is that customers can book their appointments online or with their smartphone at any time, even outside of normal business hours. Instead of calling and suggesting times for an appointment, they can see what services and times are available immediately and at their own convenience.

At this point, the spa can collect contact information or enquire about individual circumstances, such as pregnancies or recent injuries.

The company has full control over the scheduling calendar. It can be customised based on different spa workers’ schedules, specific rooms and equipment or even reflect different prices for different appointment times, such as a discounted rate during off peak hours.

Although a customer may book a single session, this might require contact with multiple people in the spa. Internally, the company can divide the appointment and assign the appropriate employees, rooms, or treatments. They can also add buffer times for warming a bath or cleaning equipment between clients.

Like most service providers, a wellness spa depends on customers showing up. TIMIFY automatically sends reminder messages to clients, reducing late arrivals and no-shows. Afterwards, it can send out follow up emails to obtain reviews and feedback or to gift a voucher to encourage repeat clients.

Office management for the corporate workforce

TIMIFY sounds great for a wellness spa, but what about companies with a traditional office environment? While they can take advantage of many of the above solutions for dealing with external clients, there are also many benefits of using TIMIFY for internal office management.

Just as customers can book appointments online, the office team can schedule meetings with each other using TIMIFY. This can be customised for one-on-one or group meetings based on everyone’s schedules, which is particularly useful when team members have flexible hours, work remotely or live in different time zones. It can also reflect personal holidays and sick days or designate times when colleagues are not available to prevent disruptions.

Specific or recurring meetings can have a template so that the appropriate rooms and related team members are automatically added and reminded. It can even schedule predetermined breaks for longer sessions or if some colleagues only need to be there for part of the time, it can divide the meeting into the needed segments. Lastly, for larger events, such as a training session, you can limit participation to a predetermined number of colleagues.

Regardless of whether a meeting is in person or a video conference, the appointment syncs with the calendar of your choice. For video calls, it will even provide the necessary links to join the meeting, keeping everything organised and in one place. This is especially helpful when setting up a candidate interview or meeting with a client, as this system works seamlessly with internal and external parties.

Waiting room management in the public sector

At some point in their lives, everyone has experienced the frustration of visiting a government office, drawing a ticket and groaning at how long they must wait until their number is called. This system is long overdue for an update.

TIMIFY improves this with a two-system approach. The first is the ability to book an appointment in advance at a convenient time.  The other is to reimagine the queuing process with the soon-to-be-released TIMIFY queuing app.

Booking in advance helps reduce waiting room crowds and allows visitors with accessibility issues to request appropriate services, giving office administrators notice in advance.

The TIMIFY queuing app will allow visitors without an appointment to merge seamlessly with individuals who reserved an appointment in advance. Walk-in visitors will have the option of scanning a QR code with their mobile device which assigns them a virtual number and places them in the queue. All further information will be sent directly to their device, such as the expected waiting time or notifications as their turn approaches. They can now repurpose their waiting time for other errands. This will also reduce waiting room crowds and improve visitor satisfaction since they will no longer feel like their time is wasted in a waiting room.

Meeting Digital Native expectations in the education sector

TIMIFY offers a wide range of opportunities for the education sector. Multiple universities have adopted TIMIFY to improve the student experience. At the beginning of the semester, students often have to renew their student ID cards or meet with their academic advisors to discuss their courses. All of these appointments can be coordinated with TIMIFY and booked online. As digital natives, students prefer booking these on their phone at a time that suits them. This can of course be extended to many departments, such as providing students an easy way to book office hours with their professors.

In addition to university administration, sports centres or student unions can use TIMIFY for booking rooms, events and equipment.

Personal assistants for freelancers

Not every company has multiple employees. That’s why TIMIFY also caters to freelancers. With online booking and a synchronised calendar TIMIFY keeps your operations running smoothly, as if you had your own personal assistant.

Your clients deserve and expect a professional interface. Make it easy for them to schedule appointments and customise it to reflect the unique needs of your situation. If you provide multiple services, you can create specific appointment options. For example, maybe you only provide social media consulting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you can limit appointment options to those days only. Or you can create custom links for regular clients to use for appointment bookings that remember location and other pertinent details.

With the automation described thus far, you can set up a variety of email options. This is especially useful for freelancers to collect testimonials, which can then be used in future marketing materials.

As this article has shown, no matter your business, TIMIFY can help you succeed. By combining our various features, there is a unique time management solution perfect for your company.

Take a look at our website to find out more and chat with one of our team members to discuss how TIMIFY can help grow your business.


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