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Digitise your client arrivals without losing a personal touch

14 July, 2021

The TIMIFY Welcome Screen App instantly digitises your arrivals process, saving time and resources.

Digitise your client arrivals without losing a personal touch

The TIMIFY Welcome Screen App instantly digitises your arrivals process, saving time and resources.

Digitise your client arrivals without losing a personal touch

With a few simple set-up steps, the Welcome Screen App can display an array of personalised and generic messages on screens around your premises.

This helps orientate arrivals to your premises, remind them of appointment details and even promote related services like online booking – all within your corporate branding and tone.

Whether it’s a reception area, waiting room, treatment room, group event or even vehicle loading bays, the app enables display screens (tablets or TVs) to efficiently manage any number of visitors on an unlimited number of devices.

Furthermore, in times of increased demand for your services, the app is a vital tool for maintaining order and professionalism, helping to avoid unnecessary queues in waiting rooms or overloading reception staff.

What does the app do?

  • Show welcome messages on screens around your premises
  • Personalise messages to clients, visitors or specific appointments and events
  • Customise client name, resource name (staff or room detail) and appointment time in each message, along with an extra data field for personalised variables if required
  • TIMIFY Enterprise customers get an additional resource variable, which could display both staff name and room / floor number, alongside the appointment time and client name
  • Add your brand and styling to messages
  • Set different messages for unlimited screens around your premises, ideal for multi-floor premises offering a variety of service types
  • Add QR codes to messages for instant links to other services 
  • Utilise tablets and Internet-connected TVs
  • A new TV screen layout has been developed specifically for the logistics industry. The layout can simultaneously display all incoming vehicles, their loading time slot and registration plate

What are the benefits?

  • Save time for staff and clients in managing visitors
  • Minimise unnecessary contact with reception staff and avoid queues
  • Personalised messages give a unique and on-brand welcome for each client
  • Welcome visitors to offices, meetings, events and face-to-face services – or even manage vehicle loading slots in the logistics industry
  • Avoid confusion and delays by giving prompts in messages for appointment details, directions, and other key details
  • Cost-effective to implement, easy to update and maintain
  • Use QR codes to link to related services, such as booking future appointments online, signing up to promotions or offering helpful content to view while waiting
  • Present a first impression to visitors of a professional, modern, and personal service

Add Your Own Functionality

Our team can develop additional functionality for any of our native-built apps as required, including the Welcome Screen App.

Furthermore, Enterprise customers can complement their digital offering to clients and customers with a range of apps available on the TIMIFY Marketplace.

How to use it?

  • Install the Welcome Screen App from our Marketplace, via the apps module in your calendar 
  • Upload branding elements such as logos and background screens
  • Create your message(s), choosing which variables you wish to personalise (customer name, resource name (room, floor, staff member etc.), appointment time)
  • Create generic, non-personalised messages, including QR codes if required
  • Set parameters for how messages should display (e.g. 5/15/30 minutes before appointment)
  • Create unique links for each message, meaning they can be easily loaded onto any screen just by clicking the link

Try the Welcome Screen App today

The app is available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

Activate the 14-day free trial of Premium or Enterprise to access and test the app without charge.

For full instructions, visit the Welcome Screen App support page or check our tutorial:


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