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Development news: Autumn edition

29 November, 2019

After releasing the latest version of our software in July 2019, our team has been focused on optimising all new features and enhancing all TIMIFY apps to bring them up to date with the latest standards. 

We also expanded the TIMIFY Marketplace with some new apps for Enterprise customers. This includes the Booking Link App, which brings total flexibility to making your services and resources online bookable. Meanwhile, the Intercom and Zapier App allow the integration of these two systems with TIMIFY.

Keep reading for details on some of the latest development updates:

Calendar optimisations

To improve the visualisation of the information in the TIMIFY calendar we have added few improvements:

  • See information such as ‘created by’, ‘updated by’ and ‘updated on’ when hovering the mouse over an appointment in the calendar. 
  • Get a full-screen view of an appointment simply by clicking on it in the calendar (from either the web app or iOS Tablet app).

Full-screen view:


We have added a second option under Notifications: "Email Status" so that Premium / Enterprise users can see if an email sent to a customer has been blocked, marked as spam, delivered, opened or 'soft/hard bounced'.

Place the mouse on the label to see more information. For instance, hover on 'Opened' and you will see the date and hour that the email was opened by the booker. 'Blocked' will show the reasons why the booker was not able to receive the email, and so on.

Export Customer Data 

You can now export customer data every 24 hours. As well as contact information, any other custom data such as notes and tags will be downloaded as a CSV document. Once downloaded, the export button will be deactivated for 24 hours. 

Online payment

  • All customers that offer group events (classes, workshops etc.) can now offer participants the possibility to pay for a place during the booking process
  • All types of promotions launched via our Marketing tool can now accept online payment
  • Online payment with our partner Stripe is now available in Mexico.

Widget optimisation

  • All promotional services in the widget will appear with a yellow background and show the price as a tooltip, helping you identify them at a glance.
  • We have also improved the flexibility around setting the number of pre-filled time parameters in the booking widget, allowing customers to book appointments faster.

Mobile app

  • Manage all types of group events and group event participants using our mobile app. 
  • You can now sort customers by date, most bookings and by custom tags, all from the app. 
  • Redesigned notification center (the activity log is now like the web-app)

App Marketplace  

For enterprise customers only. If you are interested in any of these apps, please contact our support team for further details.

Booking Links App

The Booking Link App gives you the flexibility to create a link, downloadable QR code or a downloadable PDF for stickers for any of your services or resources to be booked online. This is a great way to create a unique, shareable booking profile for each of your employees or services. 

Simply choose the service(s) or resource(s) you want to be bookable for customers clicking on the link or code. You can also change the background colour, set a date and/or pre-populate the data of the person you are sending the link to, in case you want the booking only for one individual.

Imagine you are organising an event solely for VIP customers. Create an exclusive link for the event and add this link to your email marketing campaign or a booking code to a newsletter.  Once a customer clicks on the link, or scans the code with a device, they will be redirected to the booking widget and can book a place at the event in just a few seconds.

Intercom integration app

Are you using Intercom to communicate with your customers? Now you can integrate it with TIMIFY and allow customers to book an appointment with a customer representative direct from the intercom chat, or create bots and automations that trigger the online booking process. 

We use it ourselves and have seen how convenient customers find the ability to book an appointment at any time. 

Zapier Integration app 

Connect your TIMIFY account with Zapier and create automation workflows with 1.500+ business applications like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Trello, Salesforce, Twillio, Xero, Quick Books, GoToWebinar and many more.

Coming soon!

We are completely re-lunching our TIMIFY Table app for iOS. Soon you will be able to manage your TIMIFY calendar with your tablet as you do with the TIMIFY web-app. We'll keep you updated

Keep an eye on our updates for the latest on our app release dates, tweaks to calendar functionality or improvements to the Booking Widget UI.

If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to start a chat with one of our friendly support team from the TIMIFY homepage.


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