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TIMIFY Enterprise: Customisable, scalable and robust however complex the business

31 August, 2019

TIMIFY Enterprise is our all-in-one product for companies with high-level demands regarding features, security and customisation. Learn more:


TIMIFY Enterprise is our all-in-one product for companies with high-level demands regarding features, security and customisation.

We listened to the challenges facing our clients with the most complex services, on both a local and global scale. We turned those challenges into a unique set of features, creating the most robust and flexible version of our appointment and resource scheduling software to date. 

Below we break down those challenges and explain how TIMIFY Enterprise helps to meet them.

Complex customer journeys made simple

Customers want to interact with your services in the most convenient way for them at any given moment – whether it’s in-store, on the phone or on a variety of digital platforms. Our scheduling calendar seamlessly syncs all these activities, giving customers the freedom they want while reducing the strain on your internal staff.

  • Customers have freedom to book, reschedule and cancel appointments online or offline, with TIMIFY instantly syncing any activity to keep customers and your staff up-to-date
  • Automate booking confirmations, reminders and wider information via email or SMS, helping to drastically reduce booking errors and no-shows
  • Customise the design and function of the booking widget and booking buttons to your website or Facebook page – discuss overlays, iFrames or custom solutions with our team
  • Customise the data fields and flow of your booking form to capture the customer information you need to optimise the customer experience
  • Add more intricacy to how appointments are planned by including automated ‘buffer times’ before and after bookings that always require prep, clean up or changeovers
  • Add the option for customers to pay online when booking is appropriate
  • Add the customer feedback app, which will automatically send a message after an appointment encouraging customers to evaluate their experience
  • Let TIMIFY co-ordinate one-off or regular marketing activity and special offers across all customer touchpoints and platforms

Resources, services and appointment scheduling on a local or global scale

Whether it’s high volumes of customers, data or locations, businesses need a scalable software solution that can meet their unique requirements. TIMIFY Enterprise brings this to managing resources, services and appointment scheduling on a local or global scale.

  • An enhanced resource management system, giving complete control of staff, equipment, rooms and more, with up-to-the-second accuracy and clear visibility across any service, team, branch or global location
  • A key resource management feature allows you to create dependencies between resources,  meaning specific staff, equipment or rooms can be auto-reserved with specific services that require them
  • Our Branch Management tool allows simple monitoring of performance statistics across any number of business locations. Set up your dashboard to show booking numbers, performance, revenue, most popular services, most booked employees and more.
  • Receive and manage appointments from anywhere in the world. Interact with your branches and employees regardless of the time zone. Set different calendar time zones for employees and customers if required
  • Managers can access multiple accounts from one login – for teams, branches or even different franchises. Set up dashboards to quickly switch between accounts
  • Regardless of whether your resources number 10 or 10,000 (including employees, customers, services, rooms, equipment etc.) add them all to the system and make them bookable online.
  • Unrivalled flexibility for your shared work calendar in setting individual access and permissions for your teams and staff. From restricted access to customer data, the capacity to manage the shift planner or access to TIMIFY apps – for individuals or teams you have complete control

Top security settings

From negotiating GDPR law to protecting unique data sets, security concerns for businesses have never been more demanding. Our range of security options for Enterprise clients are comprehensive, proven and flexible to your unique requirements

  • TIMIFY is fully compliant with stringent European privacy policy laws (GDPR)
  • All data backed up with high security cloud storage
  • Choose from a wide range of security add-ons, including on-premises database, IP whitelisting, VPN tunnel, two-factor authentication
  • Work with your dedicated TIMIFY consultant on any unique security requirements

Unrivalled integration experience and support

The more complex the business, the bigger the headache with new software. Key considerations will be integration with custom-built and third-party systems, huge data sets and on-boarding staff in multiple locations. TIMIFY Enterprise’s technology and expertise make integration pain-free.

  • Tried and tested integration with major third-party CRM or marketing software 
  • Access native apps in our TIMIFY Marketplace specifically built to sync with Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 and Google Calendar
  • Enterprise customers can access our most advanced developer tools and support – from our RESTful API to a developer platform with a constantly evolving library of add-ons dedicated to smoother integration
  • The developer platform makes available cutting-edge add-ons built by our developers for particular purposes, such as apps for automating invoice workflows or enabling customer feedback on services
  • A dedicated TIMIFY consultant, experienced in a range of integrations, for every step of your integration process.

Customised to your look and feel

  • Our most customisable appointment booking widget – work with our team to shape the widget you need, from personalising the booking process to overhauling the design to sit seamlessly in each of your customer touchpoints
  • Full white label solution available where required
  • Tailor customer communications in TIMIFY to your brand identity, adding logos and designs to every email, text reminder and app notification
  • Access our developer platform, with a library of apps and add-ons for unique customisation purposes, built by our developers or in conjunction with other clients
  • We even have the capacity to offer additional extras such as language translations for your worldwide locations

Find out more about TIMIFY as your complete enterprise scheduling software solution speak to our expert support team via our website:


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TIMIFY is a global leader in scheduling and resource management software-as-a-service (Saas). It is known for its sophisticated, secure, and customisable enterprise-focused technology.