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Survey App

30 June, 2021

Create, customise and send automatically customer satisfaction surveys to your clientes after an appointment with the TIMIFY's Survey App.

TIMIFY Survey App.

Gather crucial customer feedback automatically, whatever the scale of your business or client base.

TIMIFY Survey App.

As every modern enterprise strives for a memorable customer experience, there is nothing more valuable than a constant stream of genuine opinions direct from customers using your services.

TIMIFY’s Survey app ensures that every single customer is contacted within hours of experiencing one of your services, requesting feedback while it is still fresh in the mind.

Everything is managed by the app, saving staff from time-consuming follow-up tasks to contact customers and collect responses.

Customise every element of the app to your needs, from how long after an appointment customers receive a feedback request, to the format of their review (star rating, multiple choice, free text etc.).

Whether informing your ongoing service development or building a bank of testimonials, this app takes the strain out of capturing some of the most vital insights your business can obtain.

What does the app do?

  • Automatically send an email requesting feedback after any customer appointment
  • Personalise the email text, including the date and time of the appointment if required
  • Activate the survey app for all your services, or define a selection
  • Feedback surveys can be used for individual and group bookings
  • Set the survey email to be sent 24, 48 or 72 hours after an appointment
  • Customise survey questions, choosing from free text, star rating, drop down options
  • Option to break down your service into different aspects to be rated (e.g. service, price, ambience)
  • Choose whether questions in your survey are mandatory or not
  • Customers can submit feedback anonymously or request a call back from your team
  • Select which employees should be notified when a survey is received
  • Customise the survey completion page, with the option to include a message, photo, links or QR code, encouraging customers to book their next appointment online
  • Easy filtering of responses by date, service, resource, customer details

What are the benefits?

  • Get direct and honest customer feedback, without creating work for your staff
  • Personalisation options let you tailor feedback to your services, customers and the information most useful for refining your customer experience
  • Customers understand their feedback is valued, while regular customers build an ongoing dialogue with each repeat appointment
  • Use the customisable completion page to prompt customers to engage with new services
  • TIMIFY Enterprise customers with access to TIMIFY Branch Manager can create survey templates customised to different services, then use Branch Manager to assign them to services across a global network. Choose whether settings can be adjusted locally or not
  • Export survey results by date or time range, making further analysis of feedback simple across your business

​​​​​​​How to use it?

  • Install the Survey App from our Marketplace, via the apps module in your calendar 
  • Choose to use the standard template or make your own customisations to the survey request email, survey question format and completion page
  • Select how long after appointments survey requests are sent
  • Identify any staff to be notified when surveys are returned
  • Assign survey templates to a corresponding service(s)

For full instructions and tips, read our  Survey App Support article.

Try the Survey App today

The Survey App is available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

Activate the 14-day free trial of Premium or Enterprise to access and test the Survey App without charge.


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