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Prepare your store for re-opening with TIMIFY

24 April, 2020

Easily control the flow of visitors to your branches


Easily control the flow of visitors to your branches

The re-opening

It’s clear that even when stores are able to reopen following lockdown, it’s not going to be business as usual for some time.

Customers will be wary of crowds, so offering an environment where they feel comfortable is a priority. Companies, on the other hand, will have to comply with health and safety standards in order to operate.

A key part of achieving this balance will be the optimal management of the number and flow of people visiting your business at any given time.

TIMIFY can be used to create an appointment strategy for any kind of business, from managing footfall to booking in-store pickups – and even the possibility of booking video consultations if a physical visit isn’t possible.

Automate your processes

  • Use the scheduling technology to control details such as maximum visitor numbers or the duration of a customer visit.
  • For example, a store could set a limit of 30 minutes shopping time per customer, with no more than 30 individual customers able to be in store at any one time.
  • A booking widget or booking links for specific stores or services can be placed on channels including Facebook, newsletters and via QR codes, allowing customers on different platforms to book in an instant.
  • Optional booking profiles for each store allow a short text description to be shown as a customer clicks through to book, giving an opportunity to outline new safety and hygiene measures being implemented.
  • Customers can check-in to their appointment at the entrance by simply verifying their appointment details.


  • These simple features can be quickly integrated to almost any retail business, regardless of how many stores or locations involved.
  • TIMIFY offers many additional functions and apps designed for more specific business requirements. This could include taking online payments in advance to reduce in-store interactions, or adding buffer times before and after appointments for essential hygiene procedures.
  • Customers can pre-book a time to visit your store at any time and from any device.
  • Reduce the possibility of queues forming outside your store.
  • Comply with social distancing regulations.
  • These options are easily transferable for non-retail industries, such as banks, public offices and public or private leisure venues, such as libraries or gyms.
  • In addition to controlling the flow of in-store visitors, TIMIFY can also be used to book appointments such as consultation sessions or personal shopping services. In this way, the system provides solutions not only for navigating the end of the quarantine phase, but also for your ongoing suite of customer services.

We are ready to support you

Our team is on-hand now to provide a personal demonstration to any new client interested in using TIMIFY to help maintain the best customer experience as we adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Book a demonstration by clicking on the link below.


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