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How companies and individuals are using TIMIFY to help others during COVID-19 crisis

30 April, 2020

During the last few weeks of the COVID-19 situation, we have seen our customers across globe improvising and adapting how they use TIMIFY to help others.


During the last few weeks of the COVID-19 situation, we have seen our customers across globe improvising and adapting how they use TIMIFY to help others.

Seeing the software used to aid people in need is heartening and below we share three examples we hope can help others find new uses for TIMIFY to help their customers and communities.

We also encourage other customers finding innovative ways to use TIMIFY at this time to let us know, so that we can share them with users across the globe.

Furthermore, we recognise that COVID-19 has permanently changed how many businesses deliver services, whether it be embracing digitisation or installing new health and sanitary procedures.

Hearing from customers now and understanding how they need to use TIMIFY in future enables us to continue to develop industry-leading features and push the boundaries of the software. 

Aiding social distancing for medical services, pharmacies and even retailers

A case study that really moved us occurred in Spain, where two resourceful individuals used a free TIMIFY account to facilitate members of the local community to donate blood to the Red Cross. 

By arranging for a mobile Red Cross Centre to visit their neighbourhood and setting up precise 30-minute slots for each donor, they managed to get over 130 blood donations from just a few blocks.

TIMIFY was used to create a simple booking profile for donations, which was then shared via a WhatsApp group with the community. This made the initiative easy to share and simple to book.

Tips for other medical providers:

  • Medical services have rarely been more in demand while at the same time facing such challenges in ensuring safe access to those services.
  • Many organisations used TIMIFY before the current situation to offer an alternative means for customers to book appointments, or to bring increased efficiency to appointment scheduling.
  • Many have now turned to TIMIFY as the key tool to bring accuracy and accessibility in scheduling safe, separated attendance to essential medical appointments, minimising risk to staff and patients from patient overlap and busy waiting rooms.
  • Meanwhile pharmacies and other providers of medical supplies have been using TIMIFY to schedule safe pick-ups of orders while again minimising patient crossover.
  • TIMIFY users in the retail sector are preparing to use the same functions to manage social distance between customers returning to stores, branches and commercial centres when lockdown is lifted.

Bringing entertainment and support to kids at home

Rote Nase Clowndoctors Austria

ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors Austria are part of an international group of clown doctors who bring joy and laughter to people undergoing treatment or in difficult medical situations.

Now more than ever their support is essential, but their ability to visit hospitals and treatment centres is severely limited. 

However, with TIMIFY they have allowed patients to find their favourite clowns online, see their availability and book them for a video call. 

With TIMIFY handling all the admin around scheduling and facilitating the call, the clown doctors can focus on giving their best to each appointment.

“Humour is needed more than ever in times like these! That's why we do our best and work together to provide a laugh, breath of fresh air, distraction or just a smile. With our new online program, ROTE NASEN can always be there for anyone who needs to laugh even in difficult situations", says Mag. a (FH) Ivana Bacanovic, Managing Director ROTE NASEN Austria.

For more information visit the Rose Nasen website.

Tips for other childrensservices: 

  • From clowns in hospitals to teachers, sports coaches and playgroups, continuing to give support, entertainment and some sense of normality to children in difficult circumstances is crucial.
  • While suddenly asking entertainers and teachers to move their skills online is a challenge, digital tools such as TIMIFY are proving crucial in making this process functional and manageable.
  • TIMIFYs digital scheduling facilitates simple online booking and management of one-to-one video sessions, one-to-many sessions and interactive classes and events.
  • The system makes it simple to set up maximum attendee numbers, secure logins to meetings and video calls and even taking payment online where necessary.

Taking specialist counselling and support online

Benjamin Sylvand provides crisis coaching for organisations and individuals, giving procedures and tools to help create action plans in times of uncertainty, as well as build future resilience.

"Let's stand together, we need solidarity, empathy and kindness more than ever"

Benjamin Sylvand

Benjamin says few people were fully prepared for this situation. “People are lost and find it difficult to plan for the future… containment also accentuates internal and interpersonal conflicts”. 

Responding to the spike in need for his support, Benjamin now offers his services free to organisations or individuals, as well as a free support group for contemporaries in his field.

With clients unable to visit his practice in France, he uses TIMIFY to offer online booking, plus the option of new video conferencing apps to conduct face-to-face sessions and share materials.

As one of the most respected professionals in his field, the combination of his generosity and the technology to make his services accessible to all is giving valuable support to existing and new clients across the globe.

If you are interested in receiving Benjamin’s support, in English or French, visit his website.

Tips for consultants and counsellors: 

  • For those specialising in face-to-face support, finding the technology to enable switching to fully digital services can prove crucial for your community and your business.
  • Many specialist consultants, from finance through to health, now use TIMIFY to manage online booking, appointment management, resource management and hosting video sessions and classes.
  • Furthermore, some service providers still operating essential f2f support are using TIMIFY to allow precise scheduling and buffer times between bookings to ensure social distance between attendees.

If these examples resonate with your business and you would like to explore how to use TIMIFY to aid your clients at this time, please contact us via the chat on our website.

Don't forget that we are offering our digital scheduling system free of charge to all medical centres, laboratories, public and private organisations involved in the COVID-19 response.


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