How Good Old-Fashioned Coupons Could Send Your Appointments Skyrocketing

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By Marian Domingo
13 October, 2023

Discover the power of traditional coupons to skyrocket your appointment bookings. Explore a time-tested approach for increased success.

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In an age of dizzying digital disruption, it's understandable to assume that the internet has well and truly slain all traditional marketing methods; there’s certainly no denying that many techy solutions are leading the charge, and, let’s face it, we all love the convenience. Still, as we peel back the digital curtains, we discover that one method is thriving even in the age of technology – the good old fashioned coupon.

Credit Where It’s Due

Before we delve into the world of physical coupons, we must pay homage to their digital siblings. Digital coupons, a modern twist on a classic marketing tool, have become an absolute game-changer in the landscape of online shopping. In the era of smartphones and 24/7 connectivity, digital coupons have become a powerful force in the marketer's arsenal.

In fact, they've emerged as a beacon of e-commerce marketing strategy; according to forecasts published by Market Research, the global mobile coupon market is expected to reach a gargantuan $14.8 trillion by 2027. Make no mistake, digital coupons are the front-runners and not going anywhere - whether your customers can shop for them via reputable coupon sites, like WeThrift or, or redeem them via a marketing email, they’re a super-effective way to get business rolling in. 

So, while we are here to wax lyrical about the enduring appeal of traditional, physical coupons, let's not lose sight of their digital counterparts; the strength of coupons as a marketing strategy lies in their adaptability, their ability to straddle the worlds of the physical and the digital. It's a one-two punch that keeps customers engaged, drives sales, and sends appointments skyrocketing.

Back to Basics

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​​​​​​​With the lure of yesteryear sentimentality, the humble coupon - that trusty piece of paper offering tantalizing discounts - still stands tall in the marketing hall of fame. While its digital counterparts have undoubtedly revolutionized discount marketing - and some experts predict the extinction of paper-based coupons in the coming years - the traditional coupon is holding its ground. According to Statista, while the majority of U.S. coupon users are dabbling in digital coupons so far in 2023 (57%), a surprising 43% still prefer using paper coupons

There's nothing quite like the thrill of a customer cutting out a coupon with a trusty pair of scissors, then bringing it into your establishment in exchange for whatever product or service they’re excited about. Call it vintage; call it retro - but most importantly, call it effective.

The Psychology of Coupons: The Thrill of the Hunt

There's something tactile about coupons that just can't be replicated digitally. Customers physically cut them out, store them in their wallets, and then present them to redeem their discount; it's a whole ritual that embeds the brand experience in their mind. This tangible connection makes the customer feel invested in the purchase - a feeling potentially absent with digital transactions.

Appointments and Coupons: An Unlikely Duo

The beauty of the coupon lies not only in its ability to drive sales, but to also have your appointment scheduling software chiming constantly with new bookings. By offering discounted services, customers who might not have thought about using your services might suddenly find themselves locking an appointment in. Coupons provide the perfect bait to reel in potential customers, and once they're hooked, they're likely to return. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good deal?

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Crafting an Effective Coupon Strategy: Get Creative

So how can you tap into this not-so-secret marketing weapon? Think creatively. A coupon doesn't always have to be a plain piece of paper with text. Spice it up with attractive designs and graphics; make it worthy of refrigerator door display! Remember, the coupon is not just a sales driver; it's also a brand ambassador. 

Behavioral economists suggest that the allure of coupons is grounded in our inherent desire for gains and our distaste for losses. It's not just about saving money; it's the thrill of 'winning' a discount, of achieving a deal that feels like a small victory.

Moreover, coupons tap into the principle of scarcity, another cornerstone of consumer psychology. Limited-time or limited-quantity offers create a sense of urgency, compelling consumers to ‘act now’, lest they miss out. Hence, the coupon becomes more than a discount—it morphs into a ticket to an exclusive club, a golden opportunity, and who doesn't want to seize that?

Personalization is Key

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Then there's the personalized aspect of coupons; even the simplest coupon can create a feeling of exclusivity and personal attention. Amidst the modern frenzy of automated responses and de-personalized interactions, a paper-based coupon can represent a personal touch - a business reaching out to its customers in a tangible, meaningful and now, surprising way.

This brings us to the fantastic potential of coupons in the digital age. In the era of big data and personalized marketing, coupons can be infinitely more targeted and effective. Businesses can now customize coupons based on customers' previous purchases, preferences, and behaviors, turbocharging their relevance and appeal.

Examples of shrewd coupon personalization tactics could include:  

  • A hair salon sending a discount coupon to a customer who hasn't visited in a while
  • An online clothing store sending a coupon for a brand that a customer often buys
  • A restaurant sending a coupon for a complimentary dessert to a customer who usually orders an entrée but skips the dessert  

The possibilities are endless, and the potential return on investment is enormous.

Everything in Balance

Still, remember that the key to success with coupons is balance. Overdo it, and you risk undermining your perceived brand value (or literally cutting into your profit margins); underdo it, and you miss out on potential business. Find the sweet spot that’s enticing to customers but still revenue-boosting for you. 

The Enduring Power of Coupons

Coupons, those seemingly outdated relics of the marketing world, still pack a potent punch in the digital age. They remain relevant and above all, effective, proving that some old marketing techniques can not only survive in the age of technology but can be dusted off to adapt, evolve, and thrive.

So, the next time you're considering marketing strategies for your business, don't be too quick to dismiss a mix of both digital and traditional coupons; they might just be the secret sauce to send your appointments skyrocketing and have your cash register ringing with sales. 

As the world rushes towards the future, it seems that some things don't change. Paper-based coupons, for one, have managed to secure a seat in our technology-laden ride. Old fashioned? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

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