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The benefits of an online scheduling system for the education sector

13 January, 2020

Learn how educational institutions and students benefit from the implementation of an appointment booking system


After many years of working with schools, universities and colleges around the world, we know there are a multitude of key benefits to be gained from using an online scheduling system.

Most will fall into one of two categories. Institutions are empowered by digitising the organisation and planning of teacher and work schedules, as well as streamlining how students register for classes and events. For students, the ability to book and manage teacher meetings and other activities from their devices at any time of day (or night!) gives them convenience and independence.

But our experience with the education sector has pushed us to develop TIMIFY to offer even more. It now provides a fully customisable and flexible scheduling solution, allowing institutions not only to book and schedule appointments, classes and events online, but also to optimise the use and scheduling of teaching material, rooms and equipment - no matter the amount of resources or the complexity of the services offered by the institution.

Below is a general overview of the major benefits of TIMIFY for institutions, students and teachers:

  • Institutions

Simple control of teaching schedules, rooms and equipments

  • Students

Availability to book classes, workshop, events and tutors online 24/7 from any device

  • Teachers

Streamline classes, events and meetings saving time for what it is important.

Key functions: How it all works

  • All type of events and classes can be online bookable

Manage applicant interviews, exam schedules, group events and individual meetings - and make them all online bookable.

  • Individual booking profiles for each teaching department

Create and share a profile of your department, which links to a booking widget allowing students and staff to book meetings with any member of staff

  • Plan and schedule the use of rooms, equipments and conferences rooms

All locations and all teaching equipment are online bookable, no matter how many staff, students, resources and classes you may offer.

  • Teachers and tutors can manage their schedules with any device

Always have your schedule to hand with our apps for desktop, tablet and mobile for iOS and Android, plus receive notifications for new bookings or changes to your schedule.

Other important features

  • Seamless, stress free integration of our software to your IT, including synchronisation with all other existing calendars, and CRM systems.
  • Confirmations, notifications, reminders are sent to students and team members automatically.
  • Organise meetings and events or any size or any duration, from several hours to a few days. Our software helps plan the schedule, allocate staff, reserve resources and track sign-ups no matter whether they are located in different timezones.
  • Gain insights into your most frequently booked classes, locations and staff, to help with admin and strategic planning.
  • Access a range of add-on apps customisations as well as a custom booking widget to meet your unique needs.
  • Our two-way sync to personal calendars minimises double bookings, and allows users to view their appointments and classes on their preferred calendar
  • All data you use with TIMIFY is encrypted, securely saved, and protected to the highest standards. We comply fully with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, guaranteeing the highest transparency of data processing and management.

Benefits for your students

By offering self-sign up for classes and tuition meetings, you not only empower students to take charge of their educational needs, but you provide them with easily accessible and immediate support they expect from educational institutions. They will feel engaged and supported at each point of their educational journey.

Students can interact via your website, Facebook page, or any other communication touchpoint. Plus, if you have your own app, we can integrate the booking widget, so students can make bookings on-the-go.

What's more, students appreciate email and/or SMS confirmations and reminders - minimising miscommunications and appointment no-shows.

Your students and colleagues will thank you: expect a reduction in costs, and an increase in attendance, thanks to better communication channels and a streamlined, efficient system!


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TIMIFY is a global leader in scheduling and resource management software-as-a-service (Saas). It is known for its sophisticated, secure, and customisable enterprise-focused technology.