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Reopen your beauty salon after Covid-19 lockdown with the help of TIMIFY

22 May, 2020

With many countries beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, it is clear that appointment booking and managing customer flow is going to be a major part of the new reality for many businesses.


With many countries beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, it is clear that appointment booking and managing customer flow is going to be a major part of the new reality for many businesses.

While the guidelines and timelines vary according to the situations in each country, there are broad similarities for most sectors and industries.

Many businesses are considering appointment booking for the first time or adapting how they have been using it to date, meaning that TIMIFY’s free trial or free offering to businesses fighting COVID-19 could be a crucial support.

Below we outline the de-escalation measures in the Beauty Industry and how TIMIFY features could be used to bring structure, efficiency and convenience to how customers reconnect with your business.


Due to the close contact involved in the health and beauty, pre-booked appointments with strict guidelines on sanitary measures, PPE and distance between clients will be the norm in all territories.

Smaller operations may previously have managed phone bookings and walk-ins with a paper schedule, but this may no longer be viable post-lockdown. 

Now may be the time to add an online option to avoid overloaded phone lines, chaotic booking diaries and frustrated customers seeking treatment elsewhere.

Allowing pre-payment online will also reduce the need for staff to change PPE to handle cash and cards and speed up client changeovers.

What TIMIFY can do

  1. Control the number of visitors to your salon by shifting your bookings to online appointments only, reducing the number of drop-ins and the possibility of queues forming outside your salon.
  2. Manage all customer visits in our digital schedule. If contact tracing is required, you can easily view every client’s visit history and who served them.
  3. Bring greater efficiency and control to staff shifts, staggering work times and changeovers to avoid too many staff on-site at the same time.
  4. Collect payment for services online at the point of booking, avoiding money exchange in the appointment, as well as saving time.
  5. Automatically include time between appointments to disinfect work stations before the next client.
  6. Place instant appointment booking in whichever channels your customers are using. Integrate booking buttons in social media or create QR codes for newsletters, email campaigns or even the window of your premises.

How to do it

  • Easily set-up your account and activate online booking. Customers now have the convenience of browsing their preferred appointment time via all your communications channels and from all devices.
  • When a client books online, all personal information will be saved to the customer database. If client interactions needed to be traced in relation to Covid-19, you can instantly find the booking and visit histories in the TIMIFY Calendar, as well as a clear overview of the staff resources that were working at the time.
  • Access your own TIMIFY Booking Profile, which works as a mini-website to give info and booking options to customers as they make an appointment.
  • Manage resource availability in the calendar, including individual employees, allowing customers to easily make a booking with their regular staff member.
  • Add buffer times between appointments for essential cleaning to take place. Customers won’t see the buffer time, but it gets auto-added to your calendar when a booking is made.
  • Set different appointment durations for different treatments. This will be auto booked in the calendar when a customer books that service.
  • To activate online payment you simply need to set up a connection with a Stripe account in TIMIFY.  For further information about Stripe click here:
  • Use the Booking Links app to create one-click access to each of your specific services. These links can be used on social channels, newsletters and as the link behind QR codes for display at your premises.

TIMIFY’s wide range of functions are helping businesses small and large deal with the impact of COVID-19. To learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your business, visit our website and start a conversation with one of our representatives.

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