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8 reasons why TIMIFY needs to be part of your sales strategy (B2B edition)

04 February, 2020

Learn how TIMIFY's booking software can help increase your sales conversion rates and increaser your team's productivity.

8 reasons why TIMIFY needs to be part of your sales strategy (B2B edition)

1: Book productive calls and meetings

TIMIFY offers a scalable and trusted system for scheduling appointments between prospective clients and your staff.

The system lets you modify the content of appointment booking forms, including any questions you need to add to understand your customer before the consultation appointment takes place – from personal preferences or demographic data to identifying where they are in the sales funnel.

This provides your team with the information they need to prepare an appointment effectively, to personalise and maximise the impact of consultation time spent with the customer.

2. Create individual or team booking links

Create different booking profiles for teams or each of your employees, from in-house sales teams and worldwide branches to freelance SMEs . 

They can be seamlessly presented together in a booking profile, which can be shared or targeted to different customer groups, ensuring that customers will book the best representative for their needs easily and fast. The only thing you need to do is preselect a service and the resources needed for the service to take place, create the link and share it directly via email, or place it on a specific site on your website. You can even create a booking link for individual staff members to add to their social media profiles, email signatures or even to their business cards.

3. CRM Integration

TIMIFY integrates with a range of other CRM and marketing systems easily. When is needed TIMIFY can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API.

4. Instant bookings from every communication channel 

TIMIFY’s flexible widget allows the booking module to be seamlessly integrated into a range of marketing materials, such as newsletters, print material, Facebook pages and business cards. If you manage the customer communications with software like Intercom, you can integrate both systems, allowing a call or consultation to be booked directly from a bot or chat window. (Please contact our support team in case you are interested to know more about how to integrate TIMIFY with Intercom).

Be sure to use any customer touchpoints containing the widget to communicate clearly to customers the benefits of booking an appointment and the process involved.

TIMIFY offers a range of options for customers to access your online booking services either by integrating a booking widget, QR codes or booking links via:

5. Get feedback after a consultation

After any appointment, TIMIFY can be set up to automatically request feedback within 24 hours. This helps deliver crucial customer feedback while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Get insights into what works and what could be improved to improve your customer approach and sales strategy.

6. International consultations completely solved

Manage appointment consultation internationally. TIMIFY time zone management function allows you to work seamlessly with clients, partners and co-workers globally, preventing confusion and missed opportunities.

7. Calendar synchronisation

Appointments of sales representatives will sync automatically across internal and external calendars, such like Google Calendar, MS Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, meaning the availability shown to customers will always be up-to-date. This frees staff from manually updating schedules and avoids booking errors, leaving them more time to work on other priorities.

8. Improve time management and organisation

Ensure all preparation and follow-up tasks for each appointment are accounted for, avoiding appointment delays for customers. Our advanced ‘buffer times’ feature allows you to set up allotted time slots for essential tasks pre- and post-appointment, visible to internal teams but not to customers.

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Like what you see? Find out more about TIMIFY’s advanced appointment scheduling features on our website or, of course, book an appointment with an expert member of our team to discuss your unique situation in more detail.


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TIMIFY is a global leader in scheduling and resource management software-as-a-service (Saas). It is known for its sophisticated, secure, and customisable enterprise-focused technology.  

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