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5 car services that benefit from online appointment booking

18 June, 2021

Online appointments are transforming car services—for dealers, repair shops, driving schools and most importantly, drivers.

5 car services that benefit from online appointment booking

The auto industry and its supporting trades are constantly changing and have been reinventing themselves for years—not just in manufacturing but also in customer service. The shift to digitalisation has created new opportunities for car dealerships, mechanics and driving instructors.

To stay up to date companies in the auto industry must observe trends and invest in digital products. What is clear is that only those who adapt and invest in the future have a future.

More and more people prefer using digital contact options with companies in the auto industry. Several companies have recognised this trend and are increasingly offering digital services, such as online appointment bookings. This not only allows companies to offer better customer service but also helps make processes more efficient and thus more profitable.

This is true not just for dealerships, but all sectors offering car services

1. Car dealerships and showrooms

If customers are interested in a test drive or a consultation, often the only way to book an appointment online is by submitting a contact form. If you are lucky, the requested date will still be available or else you must communicate back and forth to find an alternative date.

An ideal solution would be an online appointment system where prospective buyers can choose an appointment from the times specified by the dealership and be notified if there is a change.

  • How TIMIFY helps dealerships

With TIMIFY appointments can be booked effortlessly. Customers can choose a preferred location, the specific car they are interested in, a suitable date and time and book it directly online without having to coordinate with the dealership.

Everything else runs automatically. TIMIFY sends appointment confirmations, reminders and follow-up messages to stay in touch after the appointment. All functions can be seamlessly integrated into the branding of each company.

Even in times when personal appointments are not possible, car dealers and showrooms have found a way with TIMIFY to present their products to potential customers by offering personal virtual tours.

With TIMIFY you can create a virtual tour with Zoom or GoToMeeting. Potential customers receive a confirmation e-mail, which provides them with all the information they need to access the meeting without having to download any software.

Here an example from Audi Bauer Paris:

TIMIFY online booking Audi Bauer Paris


2. Mechanics and vehicle appraisers

Cars have to be inspected, oil needs to be changed and emissions must be tested. Vehicles need to be appraised for sale or assessed for damage. Activities like these are routine and primed for online booking.

In addition, many customers find it helpful to receive a cost estimate and know how long appointments will last before reserving a time.

Everyone needs to get their cars repaired or inspected. Making this process more convenient by providing online booking increases customer satisfaction and workshop efficiency.

How TIMIFY helps mechanics and vehicle appraisers

When making an appointment online, car owners can not only choose the time and date, but also add specific information, such as their manufacturer and model or the mileage. If it’s a repeat customer, their information can be inserted automatically from your database.

Workers can access the digital schedule with all upcoming appointments and scheduled buffer times between appointments from any computer or mobile device, helping make the workshop stay organised and productive. 

Here an example of some of our international customers:

  • car service online appointment TIMIFY

3. Tyre dealers

Easter and October are peak times for tyre dealers, as drivers want to switch their seasonal tyres. These peak times can be managed with better appointment coordination so that instead of worrying about making appointments, you can concentrate on the main business.

  • How TIMIFY helps tyre dealers

Regardless of whether it is a simple tyre change, storage or disposal, all these services can be available to book online with TIMIFY. Appointments can not only be booked via the website, but also directly in Google search or Google Maps, ensuring opportunities to book throughout the customer journey.

Additional features, such as automated appointment confirmations and reminders not only help avoid missed appointments, but also offer additional customer services. With the appointment reminder, customers can be reminded about upcoming seasonal tyre changes in advance, helping to better distribute appointments and save some room for unexpected tasks.

In addition, with TIMIFY you can not only display the prices of your services, but also make a deposit or payment. This is a good method of preventing customers from not showing up.

Here an example from Aliantis France:

TIMIFY online booking Aliantis France

4. Driving schools

Driving school instructors spend most of their time in the car and have little time to make appointments for lessons. The younger generation in particular increasingly expects digital communication and welcome offers such as online appointment booking. With this feature, driving school instructors have a competitive advantage.

  • How TIMIFY helps driving schools

Whether car or motorcycle driving lessons, night or motorway trips, depending on the requirements, duration or required means of transport, new drivers can book their appointments online around the clock.

Agreed appointments can be synchronised easily with different calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar so that learner drivers can save everything in their private calendar.

5. Vehicle registration offices

Experience has shown that there can be enormous waiting times in vehicle registration offices. With online bookings, registrations, decommissioning or re-registration of vehicles can be coordinated. Pre-booked appointments alleviate peak times and help prevent busy waiting rooms, as visitors only show up for their scheduled appointment.

  • How TIMIFY helps vehicle registration offices

With TIMIFY, visitors can choose which type of appointment they want and can book it in advance. Depending on the appointment type, you can add extra information such as a list of required documents or directions.

Even with the opportunity to book in advance online, there will still be certain times when there will be high volume in the waiting room and thus incalculable waiting times for visitors. With the TIMIFY Q App, walk-in visitors without an appointment can be integrated easily with appointments booked online in advance.

The Q App assigns walk-in visitors to the next available appointment and either provides them with a classic number ticket or allows them to scan a QR code with their mobile device, which will send them mobile updates about their remaining wait time. This allows visitors to wait outside the office and use their time for other purposes.

It is also important that all data processing by TIMIFY is GDPR-compliant and that all information is protected and is not passed on to third parties.


Online appointment scheduling is becoming increasingly important for car service providers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, such features became more common nationwide and have demonstrated that in many areas relating to drivers and their cars, online appointments increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

You too can benefit from numerous, well-thought-out functions that will transform your appointment management. Visit our website to find out more and chat with one of our team members to discuss your exact requirements.


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