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appointment scheduling for medical industry

You’ve got our support every step of the way

Streamline internal processes, boost staff efficiency, and provide your patients with an outstanding service 24/7.
Dr. Olivier

Dr. Olivier

Orthopedic sports doctor, Centrosporth, Munich
Since we started using TIMIFY, we've seen a 20% increase in the number of consultations and bookings we get - l put this down to the fact that patients really appreciate being able to schedule their appointments online quickly, and on their own ti...
Bruno Costa

Bruno Costa

With it's clean and easy-to-use interface, TIMIFY makes it possible for my clients to find and book an appointment with me, online. I have a positive experience with the tool and the TIMIFY team. 

Appointment self-scheduling benefits everyone

If you’re looking for a simple to use, easy to install and integrate scheduling system that meets your patients needs, you’re in the right place!

Our user-friendly interface makes online appointment scheduling completely hassle-free for patients - and for you. Offer appointment booking via your website, your TIMIFY Booking Profile, and anywhere else you have an online presence.
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Concentrate on the well-being of your patients

Take the pressure off your resources

online scheduling via your website
Allowing patients to self-schedule not only takes the pressure off your precious resources but by sharing your calendar with your team you all stay right up to date with any last minute changes. 

No more slaving over your team rota

online shift planner tool
Our Shift Planner is great for organising staff rotation, their on-offline availability, holidays and sick days, so you’ll know at a glance if you need to hire extra staff to help out.

There’s no harm repeating a good thing

recurring appointments
Arrange quickly and easily a course of treatment with our Recurring Bookings tool - just set up the number of times the booking should repeat, and at what intervals.
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Place your patients at the heart of your practice.

Avoid no-shows

automated appointment confirmation emails and reminders
Send automated appointment confirmation emails and reminders - your patients will thank you, and be much more likely to keep their appointments!

We care about your data security

We’ve made it easy to import your existing database to TIMIFY, and to customise it according to your needs. Better still, we place no data restrictions on patient data.  Rest assured, your data will be handled with adherence to the most stringent security standards. 


Get the essential information you need from patients before their appointment

You’ll have all the details you need before they even set foot in your practice. Take notes during the appointment and add it to your patient’s record - and know that you can access to your patient data at all times - even when you’re offline.

Become an expert on your practice

statistic dashboard for scheduling tool

Statistics Dashboard

The Statistics Dashboard tells you about everything measurable going on in your practice: the number of appointments you get on and off-line, the type of bookings, the most booked staff members and more besides.
scheduling tool customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Our Customer Reviews app encourages patients to  give you honest feedback on their experience at your practise. Know if there are any changes you should make and what it is that your patients like and you should keep doing!
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Take your practice in your own hands, quite literally.

scheduling app for macOS and scheduling software for Windows
With our native desktop app for Windows & macOS you can manage your practice even when you’re offline! And be assured, everything is synced from the Cloud as soon as you are online again.
scheduling app for tablets
Our health practitioners find the tablet app particularly handy, as they can take the tablet between treatment rooms.  On top of that our tablet app for Android and iOS has also offline capability.
Microsoft 365 calendar sync and Google Calendar synchronisation
Share access to your TIMIFY Calendar with your team - or better still, sync it with your existing Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 for the ultimate in appointment management!
scheduling and payments via card terminal
Save time with our automated invoicing tool. Create, print and send invoices to your customers. Activate in-store payments with SumUp and manage everything from one place.
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