Easy to integrate, simple to use

Customised Appointment Management for large

Individual use cases, fast onboarding of staff
and efficient IT integration meet even the
most demanding requirements.

Custom Booking Process

Customise your booking widget and email templates. Adapt the look and feel or design your own templates, widgets and notifications.

First class data protection

All personal data is protected to the highest standards, compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Powerful insights

Get the statistical overview you need across all business locations, ensuring key business decisions are data-driven.

Seamless IT integration

Use the REST API to simply integrate TIMIFY to your existing IT infrastructure or, if you prefer, let our support team handle it.

Use Case: Optician

This retailer wants to make long waiting times in stores and congested call centres a thing of the past, instead focusing on faster customer service and optimised deployment of expert staff and its state-of-the-art medical equipment. 

Appointments should be easy to book via the system, adding a practical appointment reminder function for both staff and customers to reduce inefficiency in the daily schedule. They found in TIMIFY the perfect solution.

Use Case: Fashion retailer

Unique service through personalised customer care is the trademark of this traditional high street retailer. Customers should not have to wait or queue in stores. TIMIFY appointment scheduling software helps to improve the shopping experience, during Coronavirus challenges but also far into the future.

Use Case: Real estate

With short-notice postponements of appointments a daily challenge in the industry, a flexible booking system is crucial. TIMIFY offers simple and clear appointment management, intuitive for all to use and integration to all existing IT systems. The practical, automated appointment reminder function completes the package.

Use Case: Insurance

With many meetings and presentations involved in getting each case to conclusion, the insurance industry depends on high quality consulting. Any system for making and rescheduling appointments must be simple to use, reliable and efficient. Where a company operates internationally, the booking system must meet requirements in each territory and be available in multiple languages.

Use Case: Healthcare

A global corporation with thousands of employees and customers seeks an online booking system that can be installed across more than 60 countries. The system should improve cost efficiency and help deliver the digitisation strategy. Meanwhile, sensitive medical data requires the highest standards of security. TIMIFY offers solutions for each requirement.

Strong Arguments


More appointments

77% of customers want to book online and 35% outside opening hours.

Cost reduction

Reduction of costs by an average of €10 per booked appointment at a calculated 8 minutes per call.

More Turnover

Optimise your sales processes and minimise employee idle times to increase productivity.

TIMIFY Customers

Our System

TIMIFY Business Calendar timify Flexible Booking widget TIMIFY App Marketplace TIMIFY Branch Manager API & Developer Platform
Business Calendar
Get an overview of all your appointments and the availability of your team, from any device. Easy to use and intuitively designed for a supreme user experience
Resource management
Manage bookings for your teams, meeting rooms, and equipment, categorising them as required. Create dependencies between particular services and resources, ensuring that when that service is booked, all essential resources needed to deliver it are auto-booked simultaneously.
Flexible Booking widget
Integrate your booking widget to all communication channels and customer touchpoints. Set language and time zones to match end user locations. Structure booking forms to the needs of your business and customers, incorporating your corporate identity and branding.
TIMIFY App Marketplace
Add extra functionality from our library of add-ons, from in-house apps that gather instant customer feedback or automatically generate invoices, to integrations with your essential third-party apps
TIMIFY Branch Manager
A single, easy-to-use overview of all statistical data from your business locations and branches. Use the tool to manage all accounts and locations, configuring resources and services from a local, branch or global level.
API & Developer Platform
Our Developer Platform gives your IT team access to our REST API and webhooks. This helps deliver a smooth integration of TIMIFY to your infrastructure, while also enabling the development of dedicated apps for your business.

Core features for large enterprises

Omnichannel appointment booking

From any touchpoint, be it in-branch or online, get seamless scheduling for individual or group appointments.

Multi-location & Branch Management

Manage various locations and accounts simultaneously with our branch manager tool, giving real-time visibility of all relevant KPIs.

International Availability

TIMIFY is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch and can easily be rolled out in other languages. The system automatically adjusts to all time zones.

Effective Resource Management

Use your resources effectively and productively with TIMIFY, whether personnel, equipment or premises. Manage shifts and schedules, holidays and sick days.

Customised Booking Process

With TIMIFY you can adapt the entire booking journey to your unique business requirements. Our team will happily integrate your corporate design.

Video conferencing

Plan virtual meetings, team meetings and screen sharing sessions at the touch of a button with the TIMIFY video app, MeetMe or with our integration with Zoom and GoToMeeting.


A tried and tested solution: over 50,000 SME users in 26 countries
Applicable to any sector in any location: including retail, finance, health and the public sector
Exceptional technical reliability and load capacity
Dedicated customer and technical support
GDPR compliant, cloud-based data storage
Comprehensive and competitive pricing structure
Custom apps launched through our developer platform