Here is what you need to know:

  • To use this app, you need to have a Business Account for Microsoft Teams. If you do not have one already, you can open one here.

  • This is a TIMIFY Enterprise App and only available for TIMIFY Enterprise users.

  • MS Teams only allows the connection to one TIMIFY account.
    ℹ️ Please note that no error message will be displayed if you synchronise your MS Teams account with one more TIMIFY account.

Here is how the article is structured:

  1. How to Connect Microsoft Teams to Your TIMIFY Account

  2. Manage Your Microsoft Teams Meeting Settings

  3. How Does a Booking with the Microsoft Teams App Work

  4. How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams from Your TIMIFY Account

1. How to Connect Microsoft Teams to Your TIMIFY Account

Go to Apps > App Marketplace and select the app Microsoft Teams. Then hit the Connect to Microsoft Teams button.

A new tab will open where you can choose/log in to your Microsoft Account. You will see a pop-up asking you to accept the requested permissions for TIMIFY MS Teams app. To continue, confirm that you agree. It could take a few minutes for the connection to be granted. If you are not redirected to TIMIFY, try refreshing the web app. If it is successful, you will see the success page below as well as a message in your TIMIFY account.

2. Manage Your Microsoft Teams Meeting Settings

1. Select the services and group bookings that will take place virtually. You might want to add new services and group bookings, and include "virtual" or "MS Teams video call" in the title so that they are easy to identify. You can go and do this now, then come back and select your Microsoft Teams meetings from the drop-down.

2. Next, manage your Meeting Settings. Your settings will apply to all Microsoft Teams meetings. You can go back and update these anytime.

3. Now compose a message to your customers. This email will go out to your participants, together with a unique link that we auto-generate for each meeting.

4. You can activate two additional email reminders for your video meeting, to go out to all participants, including resources. Since the meeting requires a unique link to join, it is handy for participants to get a few reminders - it increases the chances of them being able to access the link.

Hit save and you are done!

3. How Does a Booking with the Microsoft Teams App Work

As soon as a booking has been made with one of the MS Teams services, it appears as usual in your TIMIFY calendar. Additionally, two links are created automatically. You can see one link directly in the Note's field of the booking. This is the link for you, the host:

The other link is sent to the customer in the confirmation as well as in the reminder email:

ℹ️ Last but not least, the booking will also appear in your MS Teams account.
This is possible by installing our Microsoft Office 365 sync app and link your account with TIMIFY.
For more details, please check our article here.

Please note, the booking will look slightly different than the bookings you create directly in your MS Teams account:

In order to view the details, such as the link, you have to choose Edit:

ℹ️ Make sure the time zone of your MS Teams account matches the time zone of your TIMIFY calendar, otherwise you may have difference in the start time of the meeting.

4. How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams from Your TIMIFY Account

Log in to TIMIFY, click on Apps in the side navigation, and select the tab My Apps. Click on the Microsoft Teams app and then on Settings (the gear symbol on the top right side of the app window). Click Uninstall. You will be asked to type the word UNINSTALL to confirm that you want to uninstall the app.