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TIMIFY blends resource management, team planning, online booking, and CRM into one software solution.
We offer more than 100 features to meet the requirements of business all sizes

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Business calendar

Manage your business schedule and appointments from any device. Share access with your team, customise it to fit your needs and enjoy the perfect business overview all in one place.

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Business calendar

Shared calendar

Share access to the calendar and grant individual permissions per team member.

Preparation and follow-up time

Add "buffer times" before and after an appointment to ensure that the full duration of a booking is always accounted for.

Calendar sync

Seamlessly integrate TIMIFY with Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and more.

Automated appointment reminders

Choose to send as many reminders as required, targeted at key intervals before an appointment takes place.

Recurring bookings

Easily add a recurring booking series to your calendar, customising the intervals as you wish. Define the series length by an end date or after a set number of occurrences.

Export bookings

Print bookings or download them as a CSV file. Export single bookings, group bookings or both. Customer and other participant details are included in the exports.

Public holidays

Highlight different national or regional public holidays by assigning them to specific groups or individual resources. The schedule of affected resources turns pink for the holiday.

Group bookings

Simple management for any type of group booking (classes, events, meetings), whether in-person or online.

Online booking

Give customers the freedom to book your services or events online and start getting reservations 24/7. Add booking options to all of your digital touchpoints, from your website to in-store.

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online booking

Booking widget

Our booking widget is highly customisable and can be integrated to your online touchpoints as a snippet or an iFrame. The widget’s flexibility lets you tailor the booking journey to meet your business needs and the demands of your clients.

One-to-one sessions, group bookings and video conferencing

Create and manage virtual one-to-one meetings or events using our video integrations with Zoom, GoToMeeting and TIMIFY Meetme.

Customisable data fields

Personalise the form your customer will complete during the online booking process. Add fields in different formats and choose which are optional or mandatory to complete.

Custom booking links

Customise booking links for your services, resources or customers. The links take users to a booking form for the specific service they want, or can pre-populate fields in the form.

Google Reserve

Get bookings directly from Google Search and Google Maps by integrating your booking widget into your Google My Business Profile.

Group booking

Make any type of group event (classes, training, conferences) online bookable, with simple management of sign-ups, notifications and online participants.

Resource management

Complete control for all resources, with clear accuracy and visibility across any service, team, branch or global location. Create dependencies for specific booking types and the resources required, ensuring they are always auto-booked together.

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Resource management

Team management

Add your team members, each with a unique profile. Organise them in teams and categories. Use our shift planner to easily manage flexible working hours, holidays or sick leave.

Room management

Manage your meeting rooms, equipment and any other resources needed for services to take place. Create a profile for each resource and organise them into categories to suit your needs.

Booking dependencies

Create 'dependencies' for different booking types. Assign the person, equipment, rooms and devices needed for each individual service. When that service is booked, all related resources will be booked automatically.

Shift Planner

Set flexible rotas for staff who work non-standard hours and manage holiday and sick days in just a few clicks.

Permission management

Full flexibility in granting individual admin rights to your employees, allowing them to access, modify or delete calendar data. Assign global rights for groups of employees across all your branches via the Branch Manager.

Time zone management

Arrange meetings with customers and team members from anywhere in the world by activating our time zone scheduler. Meeting details automatically show in their time zone, no need to adjust manually.

Customer management

Your customer database can easily be personalised to include the additional fields you need in your customer profiles. You decide which fields appear in the booking widget and if they are mandatory for customers to complete.

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Customer management

Flexible customer profile

Add personal information, a photo, notes, tags and files. When customers use the booking widget, a profile will be automatically created in the database.

Booking history

See the appointment history of all your customers, from current and upcoming bookings, to cancellations and group bookings.

Customer tags

Create a tagging system to identify key customer groups and/or behaviours when they appear in search results or bookings.

Custom data fields

Personalise your customer database by adding additional fields. Decide if you want these fields to appear in the booking widget and if they are mandatory for customers to complete.

Customer feedback

Request customer feedback after each appointment by automatically emailing feedback forms using the TIMIFY Survey App.

Customer data export

Easily export customer data in a CSV file with just one click. This action can be repeated every 24 hours.

Management apps

TIMIFY native apps allow you to access, manage and modify bookings, customer data and services from mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Management apps

Mobile app

Manage all core functionality on-the-go, including access to daily calendar view, resources, customer management, and your notification centre. Available for Android and iOS.

Tablet app

Access your business calendar in full screen mode. Available for Android and iOS, including 7-inch Android devices.

Desktop app

Available for Windows and Mac. Full-screen mode offers an enhanced view of your business calendar and marketplace apps. Retina and 4k optimised. Partial offline capability.


Access key data about your bookings, services and resources and use it to refine your customer experience. Key data may include: peak sign-up times, service revenues, pre-payment splits, booking cancellations or reschedules, top services and most booked resources.

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Statistics Dashboard

Access all the statistical data you need, directly from the TIMIFY calendar, via our Statistics Dashboard. Visualise insights data into your bookings & sign-ups, cancellations, revenue, resources, and customers.

UTM conversion tracking

Parse your marketing UTM parameters to the booking widget and monitor which channels, mediums and campaigns are bringing the most bookings.

Resource capacity

Monitor the booking availability and working capacity of your resources. Optimise their shifts or scale your teams up and down as required.

TIMIFY Marketplace

Choose from a range of apps integration third-party software, such as marketing or CRM tools, or syncronising with Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, Google Calendar and others. Native apps add features such as automated invoicing, instant customer feedback and more.

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  • Reserve with Google
  • TIMIFY MeetMe
  • Zoom Sync
  • GoToMeeting Sync
  • Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • TIMIFY Booking Links
  • TIMIFY Survey
  • TIMIFY Welcome Screen
  • TIMIFY Invoice & POS App
  • TIMIFY Upselling App

Add-on Branch manager

Stay on top of your multi-location business using our Branch Manager tool. View, manage and analyse your branch information and performance from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Branch Manager


Bulk upload branch accounts, including their settings and data, to have your entire network ready for online booking in seconds.

Global Management

Manage all branches centrally and define global services, resource planning, account settings and more for your entire branch network.

Global Statistic Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of metrics across your entire network, giving at-a-glance insights into your company-wide performance or individual branches.

Add-on Developer Platform

The TIMIFY Developer Platform gives third-party developers access to our REST API, authenticating the use of REST API endpoints to create new applications.

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Developer platform


Use the REST API to build a seamless data synchronisation between your TIMIFY account and other third-party tools.

App management

Manage all your apps from one place, including monitoring logs and statistics.

Partner developers

Our Shared Revenue Partner Programme allows you to integrate your product‘s services within TIMIFY to open up a new revenue stream.