Here's how it works


  • 24/7 availability Customers can check your appointment availability and schedule appointments with you whenever they want, online or via the Timify iOS & Android apps. And best of all, you don’t even need to be available – Timify takes care of the booking for you
  • real-time booking Thanks to our sophisticated real-time booking software, you and your customers always have access to the most up-to-date appointments. Your customers receive automatic appointment confirmations when they book – saving you time and work
  • appointment overview View all your appointments, and those of your employees, at a glance - with daily, weekly and monthly viewing options. So you can plan and organize your time more effectively
  • improved productivity Timify gives you streamlined appointment management, which means no more double booking errors, less no-shows, and a better chance of getting those last minute cancellations re-booked – leaving you more time to focus on your work
  • be unique Set yourself apart as an innovative service provider, and give your customers want they want - seamless online appointment booking, on their terms
  • customizable for you The Timify calendar is customizable to suit all service industries and sizes – whether you work alone or as a team; in a physiotherapy practice or a garage; the Timify calendar is customizable to fit your business needs and working hours


  • the Timify calendar

    Manage your appointments with the Timify calendar. You can view your schedule and the schedules of up to any three employees at a glance - appointments, available time slots, and break times

  • customer management

    Keep in touch with your customers, and manage their contact details and appointments with our customer management tools. There’s no limit to how many customers you can add – Timify offers you all the data capacity you need, for free!

  • Services managment

    List the services you offer and organize them into sub-categories with our handy category selector

  • resource managment

    Manage your resources - your employees, rooms or spaces and equipment with ease. You can set your employees’ schedules, as well as their availability to receive appointments online, and their access rights to your Timify calendar

  • your unique booking profile

    Don’t have a website? No problem. With Timify, you can benefit from the unique online booking profile we create for your business. Customers use your booking profile to review the services you offer and book online appointments with you

  • the appointment booking button

    Customers are only ever a few clicks away from making a new appointment with you. Thanks to the booking button widgets we’ve developed for your website and Facebook site, customers can book an appointment without having to leave your site

Testimonials from our customers

  • Markus Olivier
    Markus Olivier Orthopedic doctor, Centrosporth Practise
    "Thanks to Timify, we've increased our booking capacity by 20%. Our customers are thrilled to be able to book appointments so quickly and easily."
  • Jürgen Pagel
    Jürgen Pagel State recognized physiotherapist
    "After a year of testing paid-for and sometimes very expensive programs, I'm really impressed by what Timify is capable of. My clients and patients are more than happy to use Timify to arrange their appointments quickly and when it suits them."
  • Kristin Linke
    Kristin Linke Hairdresser - KLE Salon
    "Hello my friends, so I have to be honest. If this whole service is actually free of charge then hats off! This is such a totally cool thing and really well designed! Just awesome, I am totally impressed! Thank you for this awesome service!!!!"