What you need to know

  • This app is only available in the TIMIFY Enterprise plan.

  • The integration currently exists for ATOSS Time Control & ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 14.

  • The synchronisation is only available in one direction (ATOSS => TIMIFY).

  • The working times from ATOSS are imported to TIMIFY as working and booking times.

  • The shifts are updated every 2 hours.

  • There is no UI for the ATOSS Sync app, the app only works in the background.

How this article is structured

  1. Preparations for the Installation of the ATOSS Sync App

  2. How to Install the ATOSS Sync App

1. Preparations for the Installation of the ATOSS Sync App

To ensure successful synchronisation, all employees/resources must first be created in TIMIFY so that they can be assigned to the corresponding resource in ATOSS.

ℹ️ Important:

  • When creating the resources, define an External ID for each resource. This must match the ATOSS employee ID.

  • Leave the working hours empty, as the duty rosters are pulled via the app.

If each employee performs only one function, e.g. optical services and not additionally acoustic services, he must be created only once in TIMIFY. For example, if the employee has the ID 3344 in ATOSS, he will be created in TIMIFY with the external ID 3344.

The resources can be created manually or uploaded in the Branch Manager per location via CSV file:

ℹ️ Special characteristic of ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 14

If your employees perform several functions in ATOSS on different days, e.g. acoustics and optics, they must be created several times in TIMIFY. For this purpose, we recommend creating resource categories including External ID for each function at the beginning:

In this case, the External ID for the resource is composed of the ATOSS employee ID and the defined External ID of the resource category. Here is an example:

Employee Max Mustermann works at the Berlin location and has the employee number 1234 in ATOSS. He is assigned to the Optics area in ATOSS on some days, but to the Sales area on others.

Therefore, we create two resources for him in the TIMIFY account Berlin: One in the resource category Optics (External ID: OP) and one in the resource category Sales (External ID: SA).

The external IDs for the two resources are as follows:

Optics: 1234-OP

Sales: 1234-SA

After all resources have been created correctly, the ATOSS App can be installed.

2. How to Install the ATOSS Sync App

Inform your TIMIFY representative that the ATOSS Sync App can be installed for your Branch Manager. We need a few days to set up the app in the background. After setup, the shift plans are automatically updated every two hours. You can find the times in the TIMIFY shift plan of the respective resource:

ℹ️ Special feature of ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 14

In ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite 14 breaks are also transferred to TIMIFY. For example, these are the times in ATOSS:

Working time from 8:00 to 17:00 and break from 13:00 to 16:00.

Consequently, the working and booking time from 08:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 17:00 is imported in Timify.