In this article, we give you an overview of what you can expect from our software, by breaking down the TIMIFY Branch Manager's core features.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The TIMIFY Branch Manager is available on request for clients with a TIMIFY Enterprise account. Please contact our Support Team for more information and to get set up.

Article structure:

1. Global Branch Overview: Oversee and access all your branches

2. Statistics: Monitor, analyse, and evaluate your business performance

3. Global Management: Manage settings for all your branches

4. Global Apps: Install apps for use locally in all branches

1. Global Branch Management: Manage and Access your Stores

Branches Overview

A list of all the branches belonging to an enterprise, showing contact info, registration dates, employee numbers, and total bookings for each individual location.

The TIMIFY Branch Manager allows a centralized administration of all your locations via only one account. Avoid time-consuming manual administration of each individual location individually and save time and resources by managing them once centrally via the branch manager.

Edit or delete information (address, e-mail, contact details) of the account owner, your resources and (group) services via the branch manager and keep track of all activities within your locations. If one of your locations requires it, then simply log into the individual TIMIFY account of the location via the branch manager and support your location directly within the account.

Read more here: Global Branch Management

2. Statistics - Monitor, analyse, and evaluate your business Performance

Statistics Dashboard

Our Statistics Dashboards display all statistics relevant to your business, at-a-glance. You can export (print or download) this information, any time.

The Business Lifetime Dashboard tracks performance across all locations for the entire lifetime of your business ("lifetime" = from the day on the branch manager was created for your company); the Monthly Dashboard allows you to look in more depth at your global performance month-by-month. Search by year and month.

With insights that track all core business measurables, such as number of bookings; how bookings were scheduled; the most popular booking slot times and days; revenue generated for services; resource activity; cancellation rates; and plenty more.

Statistics Display for a Local Branch

Switch with ease from your Statistics Dashboard to the statistics feed for any of your branches. In-depth data is available in tabs.

All statistics data is updated daily, so you always have the latest numbers to hand.

3. Global Management: Manage global settings for all your branches.

Once you've defined your services, and specified the customer data you want to store, you can roll out these services and customer data fields for all your locations in a matter of clicks. Not only does this save you time by not setting up each location individually, but you have the peace of mind knowing that comes from knowing each of your locations are set up exactly how you want them to be. Maybe some of your locations offer additional or different services, or you need more specific customer data - this can be managed locally, for any given branch.

Global Services

Populate your services globally across all your locations, to guarantee all your locations have the same platform of bookable services.

Read more here: Global Services

Global Data Fields

Define global data fields for all your locations to ensure all locations are capturing the same data, whether optional or mandatory, as part of the booking process - both when entering a new customer file manually, as well as when a customer self-schedules a service online, using your booking widget.

Read more here: Global Data Field Management

Global Customers

Define customer settings for all your locations in order to make sure that all customer data are synced with all assigned locations worldwide in real time.

You can find more details here: Global Customer Management

Global Tags

Define specific tags for all your locations in order to be able to analyse and filter for those specifically.

You can find more details here: Global Tag Management

Global Settings

Define settings for all your locations in order to make sure that all accounts are set the same way in order to guarantee a standardized approach to your customers.

You can find more details here: Global Settings

4. Global Apps: Integrate Third Party and TIMIFY Apps for use at all branches

Just as with the global settings described above, you can install apps globally for all the locations assigned to your TIMIFY Branch Manager. Upon installation, apps are available to use straight away. Apps can be set up and managed locally by each branch.

TIMIFY App Marketplace

Read more here: Global App Management



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