For most of our users, a resource is an employee. You can grant them access to your TIMIFY account, manage their schedule, and allocate services and bookings to them.
A resource can also be a meeting room or treatment room, or even a property. Essentially, resources are the people and/or things that are involved in a booking.

How this article is structured:

  1. How to Add a Resource

  2. Categorise Your Resources and Dependencies

1. How to Add a Resource

To add a resource, simply go to Administration > Resources and click on the “plus” button. If the resource is a person, you can enter their email and invite them to use your account.

For each resource you can ...

You can invite your entire team to your TIMIFY account, and share your calendar with them. You can also manage any travel, holiday, and sick leave using the Shift Plan.

2. Categorise Your Resources and Dependencies

TIMIFY allows you to allocate your resources to different categories  What does that mean? Let's use an example: say you create "departments" as categories. So one category would be "marketing", another "sales", and another "IT". Next, you add your team members as resources, and allocate them accordingly to the department (category) they belong to. 

Alternatively, you could create a category for employees, where you can allocate all your team to; another category for meeting rooms and spaces, where you add the locations for the meetings you offer; and another category for equipment, where you add your sports equipment, your technical tools, or your musical instruments - you get the idea!

You also have the option to set what we call “dependencies” between multiple resources. By identifying a resource as a dependent, you ensure that it’s available to support a booking.

To make it easier to understand, take a look at the following example:

An optician has 5 employees, but only one consultancy room where the eye tests are carried out. When the resources are labelled as “dependent” upon the consultancy room, it means that whenever a customer books an eye test, they’re offered an appointment, with any one of the 5 employees, but ONLY when the room is also available. 

As you can see, TIMIFY can manage literally anyone and/or anything for smart scheduling!