With TIMIFY you can manage all different booking types, whether it's a simple customer appointment, a class with several participants, or an appointment with multiple intervals. TIMIFY offers you absolute flexibility to do it all!

In this article we'll show you how easy it is to add not only simple customer appointments, but group bookings, serial bookings, and split bookings.

How to create a customer appointment

  • Click on the calendar on the day you wish to add the appointment, anywhere close to the desired time 

  • Now select the exact time the appointment should begin

  • The booking window will open, and you can fill in the appointment details.

  • Either enter a name for the appointment, or select one of the services you may have already added from the drop-down. 

If you select a service from the drop-down, the pre-defined service colour and duration automatically populate the booking window. If you enter a title manually, you need to define the appointment duration, as below:

  • Now you may enter the name of the customer. If the customer is already registered with you, their name will appear as you type the first few letters in the customer field. 

  • Otherwise, you can add them as a new customer by clicking on the plus ("+") icon. Any additional customer details that you add will be automatically saved to your customer database.

  • Finally, you can now choose whether you want to notify your employee and/or customer of the appointment via email.

  • Clicking on "save" and the appointment will be added!

Advanced booking settings

Repeat bookings 

You can create a series of the same booking type with just a few clicks. All the original booking data will be used for all further bookings. To do this, activate the "repeat" field in the booking window. Next, decide whether you want to create Independent Bookings (this affects only the selected booking) or Connected Bookings (Changes are saved for the whole series). Then you are able to customise the series. For example daily, every two weeks, or monthly. You can also define, when the series will end: either after a certain amount of occurrences or on a specific date.

You can find more details about the repeating appointments here:
How to create appointment series

Create appointments with multiple participants

For courses, seminars or similar dates which you would like to create for several customers at a time, our group booking is ideal.
Everything you need to know about group bookings can be found here: Group booking function

Create appointments with a buffer times

You can define a prep and follow-up time for appointments, which you need for example for travel or cleaning times. However, your customer will only be informed of the actual duration of the service. In order to create these buffer times, you must activate the prep and follow-up times in the appointment window. Here you can now set the desired buffers. Further information about this function can be found here: Create prep and follow-up times

Create appointments that have more than one interval

You can divide the duration of the appointment into several subsections. This creates gaps in which you can enter other appointments and offer them online. An example for this is e.g. the service hair colouring at the hairdresser. The customer is alone for some time after the application of the colour, while the colour absorbs. In this time, the hairdresser can serve another customer before he takes care of the first customer again.
All details to the appointment intervals, you can find here:
Appointment intervals