Easy to integrate, simple to use

Customised Appointment Management for large

Individual use cases, fast onboarding of staff
and efficient IT integration meet even the
most demanding requirements.

Use Case: Real estate

With short-notice postponements of appointments a daily challenge in the industry, a flexible booking system is crucial. TIMIFY offers simple and clear appointment management, intuitive for all to use and integration to all existing IT systems. The practical, automated appointment reminder function completes the package.

The challenge

The real estate sector is highly competitive and thrives on flexibility and efficiency. To make appointments, tenants, buyers, landlords, vendors, brokers and third parties often use different systems or apps. The arranging of appointments takes up a significant amount of working time and limits the capacity of an estate agent. Many brokers are therefore seeking a simple and convenient system that does not require additional training to use.

The solution

TIMIFY's development team gladly accepted the challenge. Within two weeks the system was connected to online booking touchpoints and apps of the real estate provider. Implementation was fast as well as smooth, with innovative integration of broker-specific functionality.

Thanks to intuitive user guidance, staff training was not necessary. There was also no need to change existing systems due to TIMIFY's existing synchronisation with common appointment systems such as MS Office 365.


Integration with mobile app
Two-way synchronisation with MS Office 365
Own point-of-sale app
Dedicated development team