Good to Know:

  • You can suspend online booking at anytime.

  • Changes you make are activated instantly.

How this article is structured:

  1. How to switch online booking on/off

  2. Preview and/or share a link to your booking widget

1. How To Switch Online Booking On/Off

At the left bottom of your home screen, click on the Online Booking slider to activate/deactivate your booking widget. You must meet certain criteria in order to activate your booking widget: for help getting your account ready to offer online booking, check out this article.

When online booking is deactivated, or your account is not set up for online booking, the following message appears when you open the booking widget:

To find out how you can customise your offline message, click here.

2. Preview And/Or Share A Link To Your Booking Widget

Navigate to Integration -> Online Status, or click the small arrow next to the "Online Booking" slider.

First option: Go to Integration -> Online Status and copy link

Second option: click on the small arrow and copy link

You can also open the booking widget directly by clicking on the right button next to the link.

Check out this article for help on booking widget settings.