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Use Case: Insurance

With many meetings and presentations involved in getting each case to conclusion, the insurance industry depends on high quality consulting. Any system for making and rescheduling appointments must be simple to use, reliable and efficient. Where a company operates internationally, the booking system must meet requirements in each territory and be available in multiple languages.

The challenge

Arranging and rescheduling appointments occupies a large part of a broker's working hours. While a broker may set aside time for appointment admin, continuous availability and the ability for clients to make appointments at short notice are a significant competitive advantage. Particularly where new business is concerned.

Mixing B2B and B2C elements means communications can be extremely diverse, making different usage options necessary. Complex meeting requirements, from finding suitable meeting space to involving specialist colleagues from other departments, can make finalising a meeting time-consuming and frustrating. Not to mention working across international borders, where differences in booking behaviour, localised special requirements, languages and clashing IT infrastructures can all cause problems. Flexibility and scalability are key for any online booking system in such circumstances.

The solution

TIMIFY's booking system was easily adapted to the existing IT infrastructures. With our software used in more than 28 countries it is available in all common languages and automatically adjusts to differing time zones. This allowed seamless roll out across this client's international business.

TIMIFY is simple and intuitive for users, meaning extensive employee training was not required and on-boarding was completed rapidly.

In addition to appointment booking, the system is also used to digitally optimise employee schedules and resource availability.

The highest standards of data protection and security are guaranteed, giving this client peace of mind in handling sensitive financial data.


Appointment scheduling across all locations
Multilingual use of calendar and widget
Tailored consulting for use cases
Data-driven performance insights