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Individual use cases, fast onboarding of staff
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Use Case: Healthcare

A global corporation with thousands of employees and customers seeks an online booking system that can be installed across more than 60 countries. The system should improve cost efficiency and help deliver the digitisation strategy. Meanwhile, sensitive medical data requires the highest standards of security. TIMIFY offers solutions for each requirement.

The challenge

The international company has two different IT infrastructures, over 18,000 employees, confidential medical data and thousands of branches each with its own customer base. The online scheduling system must be deeply integrated into these existing infrastructures and fixed workflows and deliver efficiency improvements. Additionally, store employees, external and internal call centres and customers should all be able to book and manage appointments in the system. Impossible? Not for TIMIFY.

The solution

Despite the integration to two fundamentally different IT infrastructures, TIMIFY's technical team was able to implement the project in a short time. Interfaces with MS Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Navis were an existing feature of TIMIFY. Thanks to the resilient and innovative TIMIFY API and Developer Platform, further functionality and custom integrations were easily added.

Multiple language versions and bookings across time zones are a core function of the system. TIMIFY can be operated and synchronised intuitively, meaning extensive training of employees was not necessary.

Efficiencies have been achieved as branch staff can now be deployed in a targeted manner. Marketing campaigns can also now be planned and implemented more easily. And all of this with data protection and high data security guaranteed at all times.


Integration with MS Dynamics 365 and Navis
Customer services can make appointments in stores
Targeted marketing according to in-store availability
Forecast-based shift planning
Advance Permissions Rights
Successful Global Rollout