Here is what you need to know:

  • The Call Centre is available for Enterprise plans with a Branch Manager only.

  • To use the product, contact our Sales Team or your Key Account Manager at TIMIFY.

Article structure:

  1. Access to Call Centre

  2. Settings

  3. Add Agents and Manage Permissions

  4. Schedule a Booking

  5. Reschedule and Cancel a Booking

  6. Important

1. Access to Call Centre

As soon as the product has been activated for your Branch Manager, you can reach the Call Centre via a new tab at the bottom left of your Branch Manager.

ℹ️ This tab is only visible to the owner and to users who have been created as users/agents in both the Branch Manager and the Call Centre.

ℹ️ Agents who only have access to the Call Centre can access the call centre using this URL:

2. Settings

Left in the menu under Settings you can manage the following two preferences:

  • Multiple Slot Selection: By default, agents can select multiple slots when they schedule a customer booking. Enable this setting if you want agents to only book one slot per booking.

  • Resource Availability: By default, booking slots can be scheduled within resources' online booking times. If this setting is enabled, slots can be scheduled freely for resources' working times.

Furthermore, when clicking on the circle with the pencil in the top left-hand corner you can manage your Account Security preferences.

3. Add Agents and Manage Permissions

Click left on Agents and then on the circle with the plus in order to add a new agent.

Once you have entered the email address of the agent and hit save, the agent will receive an email invitation for this Call Centre.

When you create the agent, you can directly set the desired permissions.

  • If you assign Admin permissions, the agent has all permissions and you cannot make individual adjustments.

  • If you want to restrict access, select Custom and adjust the areas as desired.

ℹ️ You can create up to 50 agents.

4. Schedule a Booking

To make a new booking, click on the Add Booking tab first. You can either add a new customer or search for an existing customer.

ℹ️ You can find an existing customer if you have created them in your Branch Manager or activated the Global Shared Customers function. Customers created in one specific account do not appear in the Call Centre.

Once you have chosen/added a customer select a service by clicking into the field marked below and hit Select location in order to choose one of the locations where this service is offered.

Now you can define from which day available bookings shall be displayed and also narrow them down according to time of day.

Once date and time are selected you can add an internal note for the resource which will only be displayed in the resource's confirmation email.

Hit confirm booking and the booking will appear with a red dot in the calendar of the chosen location and resource.

Some useful tips on existing customers:

  • Under locations you can see all locations where this customer has made bookings so far.

  • Previous & Upcoming bookings: When you click on the red button on the right the service and location from previous booking will be pre-selected

5. Reschedule and Cancel a Booking

The Call Centre also offers the possibility to reschedule or cancel already booked appointments. In both cases, the customer must first be found and selected.

After that, the relevant booking has to be selected by clicking on the red button next to it.

  • Reschedule Booking: Date and time can be changed but not the selected location.

  • Cancel Booking: Agent can delete several bookings for one customer.

ℹ️ In both cases, the agent must enter his password to confirm the change.

6. Important

  • Only global services are displayed in the Call Centre and are therefore bookable by the agents.

  • Multiple bookings: You can select up to 30 bookings for one customer.

  • You can only schedule bookings for single services and combined services.

  • Checkboxes for email notifications are automatically pre-selected for rescheduling as well as cancellation.