Here is what you need to know:

  • ℹ️ NEW: you can connect Reserve with META now with your BranchManager on a global basis, so that your customer can choose on your Facebook page the store first and after the service. If you would like to know about more, you can find more details about it here.

  • To use this app you need to have: a Facebook account with a Facebook Page to it, Facebook Pay, and a Facebook Business account.

  • This is a TIMIFY Premium App and only available for TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise users.

  • Reserve with META allows you to connect only one TIMIFY account to one Facebook Page.
    ℹ️ Please note that after the app has been connected to your Facebook Page, if you try to connect it again to your Page by using another TIMIFY account, you will not be allowed to.

  • As part of the META platform, you can also use our app to sync TIMIFY services to your Instagram. Nevertheless, first thing is to check this article’s steps and set up your Facebook Business account. After that you can take a look at this article and easily configure Instagram.

Here is how the article is structured:

  1. Initial Set-up

  2. Install & Connect

  3. Make a Booking via Facebook

  4. Manage Services

1. Initial Set-up

There are 3 easy steps you need to take before you install the app:

1. Open your Facebook account and your Facebook Business account

  • Both must be registered with the same work email. Mind that a regular or similar will not be accepted. So if you must, register yourself new accounts or edit the emails in your existing ones.

  • You can follow this article on Facebook Help Centre to learn how to create a Facebook account.

  • To create a Facebook Business account simply go to , click the Create account button in the top right corner and register.

2. Open your Facebook Page

  • You can read this article on Facebook to learn how to create one.

3. Activate Facebook Pay

  • To activate it, simply go to your Facebook account > Facebook Pay (left-sided menu) and activate it from there. You can learn more about Facebook Pay here on Meta.

2. Install & Connect

There are 2 ways in which you can install the app - either via your Facebook Business account or via the Marketplace in your TIMIFY calendar.

  1. Install via Facebook Business:

    • Go to your Facebook Business > All Tools > Business Apps


  • Write TIMIFY in the search box and the app will show. Click on it, then click Connect and follow the steps to install it. When you are done, you will have a screen view similar to the one below with the TIMIFY app connected.

2. Install via Marketplace in TIMIFY calendar

  • Go to Apps > App Marketplace and type-search the app.
    Then simply click Install > click Connect (once it installs) > Facebook login page will open in a new tab > log in, and the sync between your TIMIFY services and your Facebook account will take place.

3. Make a Booking via Facebook

To see your services as your customers will, go to your Facebook Page and scroll down - they will be on the left side of your feed. Click Book and you can make a booking which will appear in your TIMIFY calendar.

ℹ️ Mind that currently Facebook does not give the option to choose which of your TIMIFY services can appear in the 3 slots you are allowed on your Facebook Page so for now they are randomly chosen by the system.

4. Manage Services

You are only allowed 3 slots with your TIMIFY services on your Facebook Page. Nevertheless, in case you want to manage them - edit or even delete some - you can do so from your TIMIFY calendar as well as from your Facebook Business account.

Go to Commerce > choose your Business Account > click on your Catalogue > Items and you will see all your services.

ℹ️ Mind that after managing services they sync, and this takes some technical time. For example, when you create a service in your TIMIFY calendar it will display in your Facebook Business account instantly. Editing and deleting a service, on the other hand, may take a few minutes.