Here is what you need to know:

You can add additional security measures to your account settings - on local as well as on global level. These are the security settings you will find in your TIMIFY account:

1. Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
For this feature, please have a look here:

2. Session Length and Idle Log Out

  • In this article, we will go into more detail about the Session Length and the Idle Log Out.

  • ℹ️ These two settings can be set in the Branch Manager as well as in the WebApp. However, even if you define them in the Branch Manager, please note they only apply to the resources in the WebApp - not to the Managers in the Branch Manager.

Article Structure:

  1. Session Length

  2. Idle Log Out

1. Session Length

Navigate to Settings > Security and click on the Edit button at the top right.

Per default, session length is 48 hours, but you can now edit this setting by choosing a type of duration as you type it in the session length field. In our example we choose a duration of 4 days:

ℹ️ Please note: The Session Length cannot be deactivated. Hence, as a security measure the maximum session length is 4 days.

2. Idle Log Out

As an additional measure, along with the Session Length, you can activate Idle Log Out. The setting is placed in the security settings right below the Session Length (Settings > Security). Once you click on the checkbox two additional fields display:

ℹ️ This setting is by default not activated.

If you like to activate it, the maximum length of inactivity is 4 days.

After we set up both settings and hit save, this is how it looks for our example: