First you have to create an employee and a resource at TIMIFY and then activate your profile for online booking. The Classic version of TIMIFY is free of charge. To embed TIMIFY in your app, you need to enter your TIMIFY account ID. You can find this under Account -> Details in your TIMIFY account:

Then, in AppYourself, select TIMIFY as your calendar service and then add your TIMIFY account ID in the "Your Timify Data ID" field and click Save.

Online appointment booking is the perfect solution that you can offer your customers with your own app. This way, your clients can book an appointment with you from anywhere and at any time. No matter if you are in the beauty, health or consulting industry or what service you offer, now you can give your clients the possibility to easily book appointments with TIMIFY via your app.

You can find more info about the integration at AppYourself HERE