What you need to know

  • With TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise, a maximum of 5 resources can be displayed in the weekly view. With classic there are only 3.

  • With TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise, unlimited resources can be displayed in the day view. With classic, there are only 5.

  • You can sort your resources in the view from left to right. The sorting is done in the order you show them one after the other.

Step by step guide

To show your resources, first open your resource selection in the "Resources" tab of your calendar.

Another window opens with the resource display for selection. Please select here one after the other the resources on the left side that you want to be displayed in the calendar. You can hide the resources on the right side by clicking on the "trash can icon". (in the week view you can show a maximum of 5 resources per weekday).

Once you have selected your desired resources, click "Save" to complete the selection.

In your weekly view it should look like this:

If you switch from the week view to the day view, you can repeat the above process and select an infinite number of resources. Depending on the resolution of your screen, a certain number of resources will be displayed in the day view. The ones that are not displayed, you can show on the right side with the arrow symbol.

If you would like to know more about this function, simply contact our support team via our support button on www.timify.com at support@timify.com by e-mail or directly in your account via the support button and ask us your questions there. :)