Structure of the article:

  1. Booking Confirmation, Cancel or Reschedule

  2. Booking Reminders

  3. Email Status

Thanks to TIMIFY, you can automatically send an email notification with all the appointment details to both your employees and your customers.

The email also has an .ics file attached, which can be used to import the booking directly into your private calendar. Additionally, the .ics file can also be customized with the information you only want to share for the booking, for more details, please check here.

1. Booking Confirmation

Appointment confirmation can be sent to the resource and to the customer.

Here is how they look like:

  • Resource side example

  • Customer side example

    The confirmation email to the customer contains all the details of the booking such as company name, service, time, address, price and with whom the appointment is taking place.

    Likewise, the booker has the option of postponing or cancelling the appointment in the confirmation email.

2. Booking Reminders

Appointment reminders can be set for the client as well as for the employee, and you can find all the details on how to set the reminders and the different levels in the dedicated article here.

Here is how they look like:

It is good to know that the reminders will be sent according to the setting at the moment the booking has been created in the system. If you change the reminder rule later, it will not affect already existing bookings.

3. Email Status

We often receive support requests to check whether any appointment confirmations, for example, have actually been sent to the respective customer. You can check this yourself in your calendar at any time by going to menu HistoryEmail Log.

Detailed information on the email status and real-time tracking of all sent emails can be found here.