Reserve with Google is a service developed by Google. It allows anyone to self-schedule an appointment with service providers via Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.

⚠️ Important information for users who pre-registered to use the app:

  • When you install the app, you don't need to submit your request to Google. We have automated this step for you.

  • Google has a file limitation which we cannot exceed, and those the reason we had to make certain limitations to three key factors.
    — Max Resources: 10
    — Max Services: 10
    — Max Time Slots: 1000
    In case you exceed those limits and still submit the request to Google, no error will be displayed. After 24h, Google will receive your submission, but will not display the booking option in your company profile.

  • Ensure that you meet the app pre-conditions listed below, under "Pre-conditions and app setup". Unless you meet all the pre-conditions, Google will not receive your request.

If you have any more questions, contact our Support Team.

Good to Know:

How this article is structured:

1. Pre-conditions and app setup

2. Approval

3. How the app works for customers

4. How to deactivate the app

1. Pre-conditions and app setup

Below are the requirements you need to meet for the app to be approved and listed by Google.

  • Valid Company Name. Your TIMIFY company name and your Google My Business company name must be identical. You can update your TIMIFY company name from the Account section.

  • Valid Company Address. Your TIMIFY company address and your Google My Business company address must be identical. You can update your TIMIFY company name from the Account section.

  • TIMIFY Account Activated for Online Booking. Your TIMIFY account must meet all the requirements for online booking, and be activated for online booking.

  • Validated TIMIFY Service(s). You must have at least one service - with a service description - activated for online booking. Service should be single service for single customer, not a group booking and If it has Online Payment, it should not be mandatory.

Once you have installed the app and met these requirements, you can submit your request to Google.

All your services with a price and a description display in Google Reserve. Towards the end of 2021, we plan to add an option in the app that allows you to choose the services you want to display in Google.

2. Approval

Once submitted, it can take anywhere from 3-20 days for your request to be approved by Google. Once approved, your Reserve with Google App will be activated - you will not receive an email. If after 20 days your request hasn't been approved, contact our Support Team to find out why.

3. How the app works for customers

When someone searches in Google for your business or a service that you offer, your business will appear with a “book” button in your Google My Business Profile…

…when the "book" button is clicked, your services display, along with the description and a price…

…the customer can select their preferred service, date, and time:

… The customer must enter their contact details or sign into their Google Account to confirm the booking.

Once submitted, they'll receive an email from Google, and another one from your TIMIFY account, confirming their appointment. Meanwhile, the booking is added to your TIMIFY calendar, triggering notifications for resources included in the booking - just in the same way as when you get a booking via your TIMIFY Booking Widget.

4. How to deactivate the app

You can temporarily disable the app anytime, by clicking Deactivate Reserve with Google in the app home screen. This will take up to 24 hrs to take effect. You can reactivate the app anytime - again, this can take up to 24 hrs.

If you are sure you no longer wish to use the app anymore, you can Uninstall The Reserve with Google App from the settings tab.