Good to know:

  • The default category "Customer essentials", and all its fields will always display. You can't delete or edit the name of any of these fields, but you can deactivate them.

How to deactivate a data field:

  • Go to Customers, Data Fields. Then go to the data field you want to deactivate. For this example, we're going to deactivate the field "Avatar".

  • Click on the red edit button. The data field window will open.

  • Next, simply click on the "Activate field for calendar use" to de-select it. Hit save, and you're done!

In your data fields window, the Avatar field appears greyed out - which shows you instantly that it is inactive.

Greyed out fields will not display in the customer file when you go to add a new customer, nor in the booking widget when customers self-schedule themselves online.