With the help of the appointment reservation function, TIMIFY supports you in making efficient and smooth online appointments!

And this is how appointment reservation works with TIMIFY:

1. Time slot selection
The customer selects a service and the free time slots for that service via the booking widget.

2. Booking slot reservation
As soon as a specific time slot is selected, it is marked as "Incoming Booking" in the corresponding online calendar and is blocked for all bookers. The selected appointment is therefore no longer displayed in the booking widget for further appointment bookers:

Your employees can always see that an appointment is currently being actively booked and, by displaying a countdown, how long the corresponding appointment is reserved (maximum 5 minutes). During this time, no manual appointments for this slot can be entered or saved in the calendar:

3. Appointment booking / cancellation of the booking
When the customer finally completes the booking, the appointment is marked in color within the calendar as an appointment.

If the customer cancels the appointment booking for a specific reason or chooses an alternative slot, the previously reserved slot is released by the system and is now available again for online booking for further customers.