Giving customers the option to book appointments, classes, or meetings with you online is crucial for today's businesses. We understand what a huge advantage this is, and have made the online booking process as easy and enjoyable as possible for both you, and your customers.

Make sure you're in a position to go online

To activate online booking, you need to have your account basics set up. This means:

1. You’ve added at least one service in the services section, and activated it for online booking. Booking times for resources can be edited under Management -> Resources.

2. This service is linked to at least one resource (for example, an employee, room, or piece of equipment), that has also been activated for online booking, and has been allocated booking times. You can add or edit a service under Management -> Services. Enter the booking times, and activate the service for online booking as shown below:

3. Now you need to activate online booking for your account, and this couldn't be easier: simply click the "online booking" button in the bottom left corner and watch it turn green. Online booking is activated!

Online booking for group bookings

If you want to offer group bookings online, the basic settings differ slightly. For example, it isn't necessary to set up booking times, because you make a group booking by adding it to your calendar. Here are step-by step instructions on adding group bookings.

How can customers book online with me?

We've made it possible for customers to book with you via a variety of channels. This makes it as easy as possible for them to self-schedule in the way that suits them best, plus being available across multiple channels is a really nice way of marketing your business! Here's where you can add a booking button or link to your Booking Widget.

  • your website and/or landing pages

  • your Facebook Page (Facebook requires that you have 2,000 likes to activate this option)

  • your TIMIFY Profile Page

You can either integrate the Booking Widget into your web page, or just link to it - this is a good option for your email signature. You can even create a QR code that you embed on a flyer or other print materials - perfect for a business card or if you're exhibiting at an event, for example.

You'll find the link to your Profile Page (which has your Booking Widget in-built), plus instructions on how to integrate a Booking Button to your website, Facebook Page and CMS, under Booking Setup -> Settings.