What you need to know:

  • In this article, we walk you through how to delete your booker account

  • Important: Even when a booker account gets deleted, their booking remains in the corresponding calendar they were booked with - unless deleted by the resources in that company.

  • Please note: Even if you use Login with Facebook functionality you still have Booker Account in our system and you can request its deletion.

How to delete your booker account:

  1. Contact our customer support via chat or via support@timify.com. Do this by providing your email and name and requesting the deletion of your TIMIFY Booker Account.

  2. Our customer support team will send a confirmation message to the email you provided

  3. Once you confirm, our Customer Support Team will permanently delete your TIMIFY Booker Account.

Deleting a booker account is a permanent action. There is no way of recovering their data. TIMIFY does not keep any records of deleted booker data.