There are settings here which are not available on all plans, if you see an option which is greyed - hoover on it and a tooltip will indicate with which plan can be unlocked.

Our Booking Widget is highly customisable and flexible. To get it to work for your exact needs, these are the settings that you need to know about.

Article Structure:

1. Booking Settings

2. Calendar Settings

3. Widget Settings

4. Other

1. Booking Settings

Navigate to Settings, and Bookings, then click on the red edit icon.

The booking tab covers everything to do with booking options; some settings apply to the calendar, some to the widget.

We are just going to focus on the widget settings.

To start with, you can manage the parameters around how far in advance customers can book. There are two settings for this, the Online Booking: Maximum Lead Time, and Online Booking: Minimum Lead Time.

  • We are using our widget for spontaneous shopping slots, and want our customers to be able to book up to one month in advance (maximum lead time).

  • We want slots to be booked until the last moment possible, so selected "0" for the minimum lead time. Many users need time to prepare for customers, so typically select 24 or 48 hours.

The next option allows you to manage how many hours before a customer is due to attend their booking, they can cancel online. From Online Cancellation setting, you will be able to choose if you want the service to be cancelled right up to the service start time or if you want to apply cancellation lead time.

ℹ️ Customers can reschedule or cancel bookings via their confirmation email:

TIMIFY Email Confirmation: Cancel or reschedule option

Scrolling down in the same tab, we find Online Booking: Slot Frequency. Setting that allows you to adjust how often you want the booking slots to display in your widget.

ℹ️ Note that the interval display has no impact on the service length.

Here is how 15 min interval booking slots appear in the daily view of a booking widget:

The TIMIFY Booking Widget: time slot display day view

2. Calendar Settings

Going to the next tab > Calendar, we find the following widget settings:

  • Custom Date and Time Display

Those two options gives you the flexibility to display both Date and Time as per region preferred.

3. Widget Settings.

Now let us navigate to the Widget tab. All the settings here affect your booking widget.

Let us start by going from top to bottom.

1. Language Selector

It gives you the option to choose from a wide range of different languages, which helps your international red of customers feel comfortable in the booking process.

2. Booking Slot Display

This setting allows you to show the slot availability in the booking widget by day or by calendar week.

3. Service Category Drop-Down

An important setting, especially if you offer services across different categories. It can be overwhelming for customers to see a long list of services, so we recommend you enable(service categories are "open" by default) this setting, and open the first category. This helps customers get their bearings.

Here is how services appear in the widget, when you have the Service Category Drop-Down setting activated:

The TIMIFY Booking Widget: Booking Slot Display

ℹ️ Tip: you can re-order your services and service categories by clicking on the re-order icon in ManagementServices. Your category and service order here is 1:1 with the widget.

4. Hide Resource Profile and Service Duration

By default, the resources will appear in the booking widget when the user chooses a time slot. With this setting activated, they will remain hidden and the distribution of the bookings will be in all-round way.

Also, by default visible, the service duration as well as the resource can be hidden from the booking widget.

5. Customer Authentication

You have three authentication options to present to your customers:

  • TIMIFY Booker Account (customers can register an account and login to any TIMIFY service provider booking widget directly)

  • Facebook (login with your Facebook account)

  • Guest (login as guest and fill the booking form)

6. Legal Messaging

The settings that allow you to link to your business terms and conditions, and/or your privacy policy. You have also the option to write a free text Disclaimer.

Here is how a booking widget looks with the company's privacy policy linked:

7. Time Zone Selector

With this option, the customers will have a time zone drop down in the booking widget which helps decide the correct time slot in reference with their local time zone.

8. Conversion Tracking

Our solution for conversion tracking with Google Analytics or Facebook is now available with just few clicks.
For more details, please check the dedicated article about Conversion Tracking here.

9. Offline Message

In case you need to make any maintenance changing your services, widget settings, or you are going on holiday, this setting will allow you to leave a notification to your customers.

10. Customer Redirect

Here you can paste a specific URL to which your customers will be redirected once they complete the booking form from your widget. It can be used for marketing campaigns, or you can simply redirect them to the “Thank You” page on your website.

4. Other

The last tab has one significant option, the Combined Services.

Although this option affects more of the Services, it is important to know it in case you wish to combine one or more services and display them as a bundle in your booking widget.
You can read our dedicated article about Combined Services here.