Things you need to know.

  • If you have groups of resources who all require the same access rights to your account, this is a really handy feature. You simply create a permission type, then assign it to the relevant resources.

  • What is more, you can assign each permission type a colour and icon, to make them easily identifiable. Plus, you can go back and edit them anytime: any changes made take effect immediately.

Article Structure:

1. How to Add a Permission Type
2. How to Assign Permission Types to Resources
3. How to Delete a Permission Type

1. How to Add a Permission Type

Access the feature via ManagementPermissions:

ℹ️ Note how "Admin" appears already? That's because the account owner always has admin permissions, and this is counted as your first permission type. Resources that are granted Admin Permissions are also included in your resource total.

Click the "add" icon to create a new permission type - an edit form should open.

In the edit form, enter a name for your permission type. We called ours, "London Management Team", and selected an icon and a colour:

Next, go through each permission drop-down, and select your preferred access rights by clicking on the radio button. For some options, in addition to "read", you have "write" and "delete":

ℹ️ For certain drop-downs, such as the Calendars & Bookings permission, there is the option: "Profile and other(s)". This means, the permission will be granted to the resource the permission type is assigned to, plus any other resources - whom you select from your resource categories, or individually.

Once you're done, hit save. Your permission type appears, and when you click on it, you can review the permissions:

That's it! You created a permission type.

2. How to Assign Permission Types to Resources

Navigate to Management Resources. Open and edit the resource file whose permission type you want to update.

Check the "Invite user to the account" box and enter the employee's email address in the "Email" field to invite them to the calendar as a user.

Scroll down to "Resource Permissions", and select the permission type from the drop-down:

Remember to hit save, and you're done!

3. How to Delete a Permission Type

ℹ️ In order to delete a permission type, you need to ensure it's not assigned to any resources.

Open the permission type you want to delete, and click on the "resources" tab:

Click on each resource to access their file, and assign them an alternative permission type.

Once all the resources have been assigned another permission type, open the permission type again. Now a delete icon should appear, and you can delete the permission type.