Good to know

This article lists the most frequently asked questions we get from our Branch Manager clients. We have separated them by category, and update them regularly..

Statistics FAQs

Q. In my Most Booked Services display box, the same service appears more than once. Why?

A. If you offer the same service in multiple branches, each branch treats the service as unique unless you apply an External ID to that service. When applied to all services of the same name across your branches, the External ID means they will be counted as a single service instead of multiple individual services.

Q. For my Peak Sign-up Times and/or Peak Sign-up Days, the peaks do not correlate with the peaks l know these services were booked - in my local time zone(s). Why?

A. TIMIFY uses the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) format to document all data. UTC is an international 24-hour timekeeping system: many of our Branch Manager clients have branches the world over, and using UTC gives everyone a standard time platform.

However, we're implementing local time zone displays for the Branch Manager Tool. This means statistics will soon display in the local time zone of your branches.