Add your HubSpot customers and prospects to your TIMIFY CRM Our app imports your HubSpot leads - from your newsletter, email or other digital lists - directly into your TIMIFY account:

Step 1:

Currently the HubSpot App is still a so called Private App. To install this app for your TIMIFY account you have to generate a Private Key first:

Copy the number combination and send it to TIMIFY Customer Support:

As soon as the app is activated for your account, it will appear in your app overview and you can install the app:

Step 2:

Now you can start with the setup of HubSpot Sync!

First you connect the HubSpot App with your individual HubSpot account to be able to synchronize the data with it:

Once the connection between the accounts is established, you can define which data of your customers and prospects you want to synchronize:

Of course you can always choose which attributes (=data fields in TIMIFY) you want to synchronize with HubSpot:

Once you have defined all "maps" you can now define how the two accounts shall synchronize their data. You can choose between two options:

As soon as all settings have been done, the data of your customers and prospects will be synchronized in real-time between TIMIFY and HubSpot!


If you are no longer interested in HubSpot Sync, you can uninstall the app at any time in your TIMIFY account