With TIMIFY you can define individual working and booking times for each employee and each other type of resource.

The defined Working times provide a better overview in the calendar, because they are displayed as white areas and you always know who is working when and can take appointments.

With the Booking times you determine the period in which dates may be offered online.

You can decide for yourself whether working and booking times should be identical or if you only want to offer dates for online booking at selected times or days.

Also, mind that you can technically make a booking outside the working and/or booking times of a resource i.e. make a booking in the dark areas of the calendar instead of the white ones. In such cases the booking will appear with a small clock icon in the right upper corner:

And if you want to restrict and forbid for bookings to be made outside the working and/or booking times of a resource, simply use this setting to apply it:

This is how you set recurring Working and Booking times

If you would like to set recurring working times, e.g. every Monday - Friday from 9 - 18 o'clock, then simply go to the "Administration > Resources" area. Open the profile of the resource you want to set times for. Here you can now enter individual times, which will be used for every week.

You can then create sick days and vacation days via the Shift Plan and block individual days or weeks.

How to set flexible Working and Booking times

Flexible working and booking times can be set via the shift plan. So if you only want to be bookable for certain days/weeks or if you work daily/weekly at different times, you define these times in the shift plan.
The times can be set by clicking on the pencil symbol. Here you can also define whether the set times should only take place for this one day or for a longer period.

Please find more details about the Shift Plan here: How to create flexible Working and Booking times with the Shift Plan