Adding services is an important step in getting your account set up. Once you've added your Services, you can add them to the bookings in your Calendar, plus of course have them appear in your Booking Widget so customers can book them online.

Read on to learn more, or have a look at our video tutorial.

How to add a service

  •  From your TIMIFY account, go to Management -> Services. Scroll to the Category you want to add a Service to, then click on the "+"  in the top right, and enter the name of your service.

  • Give your service a name and if you want, a description. The description will be visible to your customers when they book via the Booking Widget, so bear this in mind if you are offering this service for online booking.

  • If you wish, you can also allocate a colour to each service. Bookings made with this service will display in your Calendar in this colour every time - so you know at a glance what service that booking contains.

  • Now enter the service duration. 

(If you want to split the booking into intervals, or add prep or follow up times, we cover this at the end of the article, "additional settings").

  • Next, select the resources that should be "linked" i.e. made dependent to the service.

  • You can enter a price for the service, that will be shown to the customer during the booking process.

  • Here you can also activate Online Payment for this service.

  • Also, with only one click, you can select if the service should be available for Online Booking.

This is how easy it is to create a new service!

Allocate your services to categories

To give your customers a better overview of your services, you can divide them into different categories. (It also helps you and your team keep track of things too!)

  • Start by clicking the folder icon in the top right corner to add a category.

  • Now enter a name for the category, and hit save.

  • Next, click on the arrow symbol. This activates drag & drop, which  allows you to allocate existing services into categories. Simply click and hold the cursor on a service, then move it to the category it belongs to, and release.

Additional settings

Prep and follow up times

  • Prep and follow up times are great for those services where maybe you need 5 minutes to grab a client file and review the notes from the last meeting, or a chance to freshen up a treatment room before a physio session. 

  • Once you've entered the service duration, click on the slider to add prep and/or follow up times. Add how much time you need.

This is how a service with prep and follow up times displays in your Calendar - the slightly faded colour shows these times.

Split a service into intervals

Intervals add "gaps" to your booking, for the times when the employee (resource) assigned to the booking does not need to be present. Say for a one hour intensive therapy treatment, the last 15 minutes are allocated for the patient to lie still with a hot or cold compress. For this 15 minutes, the employee doesn't physically need to be present, so you can add an interval to free up the employee either for another booking or to take a break.

A split booking will appear in your Calendar as follows:

Create dependencies for services that need multiple resources

If you need more than one resource for a certain booking, you can add dependencies to ensure all the resources are available in order for the service to be bookable. This setting is really helpful for those times when you not only need an employee for a booking, but also a certain room, and/or a certain piece of equipment.

More details here: How to add dependencies