How to deactivate the app:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your TIMIFY account using your email and password credentials.

  3. In the navigation go to Apps > My Apps and locate the Reserve with Google app.

  4. You can temporarily disable the app anytime, by clicking Deactivate Reserve with Google in the app home screen. This will take up to 24 hrs to take effect. You can reactivate the app anytime - again, this can take up to 24 hrs.


  5. If you are sure you no longer wish to use the app anymore, you can uninstall the Reserve with Google App directly from the apps list.


  6. Before you uninstall the app, let us know what we should do with the app data. There are two available options.

    a. Save data: Data and setup preferences will be saved. You can access this data if/when the app is reinstalled.

    b. Delete data: App data will be permanently deleted. We will not keep a record of your data.


  7. Should you need assistance during the process, contact our customer support via the live chat in the Calendar.

ℹ️ Selecting ‘delete data’ is a permanent action. There is no way of recovering your data. TIMIFY does not keep any records of deleted app data.