Here is what you need to know:

  • The app can send your customers SMS texts so to take advantage of this make sure that you have enabled your SMS Notifications app beforehand.

  • This app can be used by Premium and Enterprise users.

Article Structure:

  1. How to Add the Check-in App

  2. Setting Up the Application

  3. How the App Works

1. How to Add the Check-in App

Navigate to the App Marketplace in your TIMIFY account and install the TIMIFY Check-in App from there. To install the app, you need to grant the app access to certain parts of your web app data.

2. Setting-up the Application

To set-up the app click the top right ⚙️ icon to open the Settings menu. It is categorised in different sections, each shown below.


From the drop-down list you can choose the services you want to include. There is also an option to customise the Email note that your customers will see in the e-mails they will receive with the QR check-in code to present upon showing up for their appointment.


As a general rule, customers can check-in at any time, no matter how early or late they are for an appointment. Of course, you can set-up some restrictions.

The screenshot below shows how much earlier than the service start time your customers can check-in as well as how much later. The flexibility for both restriction time slots is the same - from 0 up to 30 minutes.

The below, for example, means that customers can be early for a service and still enter (up to 30 min.) but should they show up a minute later they will not be checked-in.


As a general rule for the check-out, it always happens automatically but you also have the option to allow a manual check-out button.

The automatic check-out has the options you can see in the screenshot's drop-down list below. By rule, one of these options is always taking place.

The only thing you can enable and disable here is the green switch for manual check-out. When enabled, a red button for a manual check-out appears on your work device that you use to check-out your customers.

And if you do not need this, you can simply disable it in order to entirely rely on the automatic set-up that you have saved.

Another important save is the Set minimum attendance. Simply put, this is an additional help for the above manual check-out. You can use this when you want to set a minimum time period before your customers can be manually checked-out right after they have been checked-in.


Last but not least comes the SMS Notifications function. It is self-explanatory, customisable and shown in the below screenshot.

3. How the App Works

Once you set up the app and choose which services it will include, you are ready to receive your bookings.


When a booking is made, your customer receives an e-mail in which there is a section with their QR check-in code that looks like this:

Once they click the link, the following screen appears:

This is the customer's check-in code which after you or your employees scan, will transform into a check-out code. See below what you customer's screen (left) and your/your employee's screen (right) will look like.e

If the employee clicks on the red Check out button - or if simply the automatic check-out takes place (in case the red button has not been enabled) - the customer is then checked-out and both screens will look like this:


Meanwhile, here is what the tabs inside the app look like after a customer has been checked-in.

In the first tab you can see all the details of the service as well as the exact check-in time and duration spent which is shown live.

  • Notice that there is a Send SMS reminder option - this shows when you have enabled the SMS Notifications function in the main app Settings. By clicking it manually whenever you decide, your customer will receive a reminder that they will soon have to leave the premises.

Once a customer is checked-out - manually or automatically - they can be found both in Checked out and in Archive (screenshot below). They will stay in Checked out only until the end of the day for a quick find. Then they will only be found in Archive with all their details.

  • Mind that in Archive there is a button to download all of your appointment that you have currently filtered in the tab. The file will be generated in the Exports tab for you to download (screenshot below).