This really handy feature allows you to create completely customised permission types and distribute them across multiple branches; where they can be assigned to individual resources as needed.

Good to know:

  • You can assign each permission type a colour and an icon, to make them easily identifiable. Plus, you can go back and edit them anytime: any changes made take effect immediately.

  • You can also manage permission types if you don't have a Branch Manager. See how to manage Permission Types for your resources.

  • In case you want to know more about the individual permission rights, check out this article.

Article structure:

  1. How to Add a Permission Type

  2. How to Assign a Permission Type on a Branch Level

1. How to Add a Permission Type

Access the feature via Global Management -> Permissions:

ℹ️ Note how Admin appears already, with a "locked" symbol? That is because this is fixed permission type, that can not be edited. Admin permissions count as your first permission type.

2. Click the add icon to create a new permission type - a form should open.

3. In the form, enter a name for your permission type. We called ours, "Regional Management Team", and selected an icon and a colour:

4. Next, go through each permission drop-down, and select your preferred access rights by clicking on the radio buttons. Note that for some options, in addition to READ, you have WRITE and DELETE:

ℹ️ For certain drop-downs, such as the Calendars & Bookings permission, there is the option Profile calendar and other(s). This means, permission will be granted to the resource the permission type is assigned to, plus any resource categories selected.

5. Then, click on the Branches tab and specify which locations should inherit the new customer.

You then have to choose whether to make it available for All branches (that would include any new branches created in the future as well), or for Specific branches that you can select manually.

If you at any time select All branches and save your choice, this action is irreversible and you won't be able to switch to Specific branches later on.

6. In the setting preview, the new permission type appears. You can click on the dropdowns to review the permissions, and click the edit icon to make any changes.

ℹ️ Please note that the creation and modification of services and group services is not possible for custom permission types. Since this is crucial it is available only for admins and the owner.

2. How to Assign a Permission Type on a Branch Level

As soon as you create a new permission type, it can be assigned to resources at your local branches. Simply log in to a branch that you made the permission type available for, navigate to Management > Resources and select a resource. From the edit form, you can select the permission type from the Resource Permissions dropdown: