What you need to know:

  • Use this feature to keep your customer list up-to-date, and to ensure you comply with EU GDPR rules on data processing.

  • Customers are flagged in your Customer List three days prior to being deleted - so you have a chance to make a booking for them, if you don't want them to get deleted.

  • Customer data gets deleted, but customer bookings remain in the calendar - anonymously.

Article Structure:

  1. How to Add a Customer Deletion rule

  2. How to View Customers Marked for Deletion

1. How to Add a Customer Deletion rule

Navigate to Settings, Customers, and click on the edit icon:

Enable the setting:

To add your first deletion rule, first select the category you want to base the rule on.

Here is an explanation of the five categories:

1. Customers with an External Customer ID

You can use this rule if you assign External IDs to your Customer Fields. All customers with an External ID will be impacted.

2. Customers who Scheduled Online as Guests or via Facebook

Applicable to customers who scheduled their first booking via your Booking Widget, using the “Guest Booking” option, or authenticated using their Facebook account.

(This option is available if you have Guest and/or Facebook activated under SettingsWidgetCustomer Authentication.)

3. Customers with a Tag

One tag can be applied per rule, and you can create unlimited rules.

4. Customers Manually Added or Imported

Customers manually added to your account, including via the Import App or CSV file upload.

5. Customers with a TIMIFY Booker Account

Customers who opened a Booker Account via your Booking Widget, and made their first booking using their Account.

After you select a category, define a length of inactivity:

We selected one year. That means, if a customer doesn’t attend a booking for a year, OR goes for longer than one year without having a booking scheduled for him/her, they get deleted.

Once you have selected a category and time frame, press save. That's it!

2. How to View Customers Marked for Deletion

Navigate to Customers, Customer List. Select "to be deleted" from the View filter.

Impacted customers appear here.

ℹ️ The data is refreshed daily at 0700 UTC. Customer names appear 3 days before they are due to be deleted: this gives you time to make bookings for any customers you want to keep in your account.