By installing the additional Booking Link App we enable you to generate specific booking links for your individual use case. Use those for your specific purposes and enable automated appointment bookings.

In the following we describe how you can activate the Booking Link App, set it up in your TIMIFY account and create and send specific links.

ℹ️ Note: The Booking Links App can't be used with Combined Services.

Step 1:

The Booking Link App is part of the TIMIFY Marketplace.

To install the App for your TIMIFY account, click on "Apps" and then on "App Marketplace". Here you will see a variety of Apps that you can install individually, including the Booking Link App.

Once the app is installed for your account, you can start creating your custom links.

Step 2:

Now you can start setting up the booking links!

To generate a link, you must first click on "Create your first "Booking Link":

You can then make the following settings to generate the specific link:

  • Link Title

Name the individual link so that you can find it quickly and easily later in the overview of all your links

  • Link Type

Would you like to link directly to the booking widget? Or to your individual TIMIFY profile page?

  • Services & resources

Pre-select certain services in advance so that your customer no longer has to select them (e.g. when integrated directly into a campaign for an eye test, the customer would no longer have to select the services and the customer experience would be easier and faster to map.


Define which of your resources is the only one that can be booked via the specific link and select them in advance. (for example, if the booking link is integrated into the specific e-mail signature of the relevant sales employee)

  • Date Filter or Calendar Block

Select a specific date on which you only want to allow appointments to be made. Only this date is then available for selection in the booking widget. In addition, you can even define a specific period for which dates are to be available for selection:

If you click the box for a calendar blocker, the defined time periods are already blocked in your calendar and are only released for booking the services and resources already defined:

  • Customer booking settings

For a quick and easy authentication of the appointment booking, you can define that only a guest booking should be possible. In addition, you can pre-select your customer's data (if known) to complete the appointment booking even faster. (e.g. if you always send the same link to a specific customer)

  • Widget Settings

With the help of the additional widget settings you can already define in which language it should be displayed, if the "Close" button should be hidden and which color or opacity the background of the widget should have.

  • Additional Options

Finally, you can define whether you want to automatically generate a QR Code or a specific PDF for the defined booking link for download and integration into your marketing campaigns. As soon as you publish the link and save all your settings, you can book online via this individual booking link.


Once the link is saved, it will appear in your overview:

By clicking on the "Copy" button, you can copy the link directly and integrate it into an e-mail, for example. By clicking on the "Arrow" button, you have further options for processing the link: