With TIMIFY you can not only book services online, but also create appointments manually at any time. But who does not know it: Suddenly there is a case of illness or an employee would like to spontaneously submit a day off.

Whatever the reason for having to change appointments, with TIMIFY you can always react at short notice to postpone or cancel appointments.

All your appointments, whether booked online or created manually, can be found in your TIMIFY calendar. Cancelling and moving appointments works the same way for all appointments.

1. Reschedule appointment

First click on the appointment to be edited and then on the pencil icon (Edit booking). A window opens in which you can now make various adjustments.

For example, you can assign the appointment to another resource or change the date or time.

Last but not least, you can click on the checkbox to automatically inform the customer about the date change.

With online booked appointments, there is always a customer stored. For manually created appointments, the customer can also be created.

Read here how you can create a customer.

2. Cancel appointment

If you want to cancel an appointment, click on the appointment and then on the trash can icon.

A window will automatically open in which you can write an individual message to the customer or resource to inform them more personally about the cancellation. This message will be attached to the cancellation e-mail. Because whether with message or without, if a customer is deposited with the appointment, this receives automatically a rejection e-mail and is informed so about the cancellation. Don't forget to check the boxes "E-mail to resource" and/or "E-mail to customer" before you cancel the appointment.

If you have not stored a customer for a manually created appointment, the customer cannot be notified automatically. In this case, the customer would have to be informed separately of the cancellation of the appointment.


The customer perspective

Also, your customers are able to postpone or cancel appointments on their own - via the link in their confirmation e-mail! The customer clicks on the button "Edit/Cancel booking" at the bottom of the e-mail.

The widget opens automatically and the customer has the possibility to either cancel or reschedule the appointment.

1. Cancel appointment

If the customer wishes to cancel the appointment, a new window will open. In this window the e-mail address must be entered. Only then the customer can cancel the appointment and will receive a confirmation e-mail.

The resource is also automatically informed by e-mail about the cancellation of the appointment.

2. Reschedule appointment

By clicking on "Reschedule" the booking widget opens again and the customer can define a new day/time for the appointment.

Since this is a date shift, the customer data is already stored. After selecting the new desired date, the customer only has to confirm it.

The appointment is automatically adjusted to the new date/time in the TIMIFY calendar.

The resource also receives an additional e-mail with the appointment change.